DewesoftX 2024.2 Software Release

Vision image of DewesoftX 2024.2 Software Release.

Introducing DewesoftX 2024.2: Enhanced Functionality and Improved User Experience

Metromatics are thrilled to announce the DewesoftX 2024.2 Software release. Firstly, this is the latest upgrade to Dewesoft’s renowned data acquisition software. It is packed with a host of new features and improvements designed to enhance functionality and user experience. This version is a testament to Dewesoft’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Here’s what you can expect from DewesoftX 2024.2:

New Device View for Standalone Devices

The new device view is a significant enhancement for users of standalone devices like DewesoftRT. This feature provides a streamlined and clear overview of each device and its functionalities. Therefore, making it easier than ever to manage and monitor your data acquisition systems. In addition, the intuitive layout allows for quick access and adjustments. Thereby, ensuring that your focus remains on data analysis rather than setup complexities.

Powerful Spreadsheet Widget

With the introduction of a new spreadsheet widget, DewesoftX 2024.2 takes data reporting capabilities to the next level. This powerful tool enables users to perform complex calculations and display data directly within the software. Therefore, eliminating the need for external data processing applications. Whether you’re analysing time series, comparing different data sets, or creating customised data presentations, the spreadsheet widget offers the flexibility and power you need.

Improved Licensing Mechanism

Understanding the importance of flexibility and accessibility in software licensing, Dewesoft have updated our licensing mechanism to be more user-friendly. DewesoftX 2024.2 Software release includes an additional countable license specifically for the Functional Generator module. This update ensures that more users can access this powerful feature without additional cost, providing enhanced value and usability.

Expanded Video Solution

DewesoftX 2024.2 now includes the ability to stream IP cameras directly within the software. This feature is perfect for applications that require real-time video monitoring alongside data acquisition. Such as in testing and manufacturing environments. Users can now integrate video streams seamlessly with their data, providing a comprehensive overview of both numerical and visual information.

Comprehensive Upgrades

Don’t forget to check out the “What’s New” section of DewesoftX 2024.2! This is where the Dewesoft team have detailed all the new upgrades and features. From minor improvements to major additions. Every element is designed to enhance your experience and extend the software’s capabilities.

Free Upgrade and Compatibility

DewesoftX 2024.2 is a free upgrade for all Dewesoft customers and is fully compatible with all Dewesoft data acquisition systems. You can easily download this update from their download centre. The changelog available there provides a detailed list of all the minor improvements and bug fixes included in this release.


With DewesoftX 2024.2, they continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in data acquisition software. Metromatics is proud to support our customers in Australia and New Zealand with this exceptional DAQ product range and software. Upgrade today and experience the best of Dewesoft’s technology!

Visit Dewesoft’s website to download DewesoftX 2024.2 and start taking advantage of these exciting new features immediately or contact us for further information.