Monitoring beehive temperature & humidity remotely

a picture of the beehives used for remote temperature monitoring

This application note on monitoring beehive temperature and humidity remotely was originally published by our friends at Dewesoft.  Read original article here.  

The setting is a northern Ohio backyard in the US. The article highlights Dewesoft’s innovative approach in monitoring the environmental conditions that are critical for honey production.  It showcases the vital role that technology can play in enhancing agricultural practices.  Even the tiny honey bee and his hive.

What do we want to monitor in a beehive?

Firstly, the most important attribute to measure is the temperature and humidity within the beehives.  Why?  Because bees thrive, are more active, colonies are more stable and produce more honey when the conditions are right.  Optimal hive temperatures in Australia vary depending on local conditions.  However, range from 29°C to 35°C with relative humidity between 40% to 60%.   These temperatures are slightly higher than our US counterparts.

Dewesoft’s Innovative Monitoring beehive temperature & humidity remotely solution consists of:

the setup of the remote temperature and humidity monitoring of beehives

The Setup

Each hive is equipped with a type T Thermocouple temperature sensor.  This connects to Dewesoft’s KRYPTON module.  It allows for precise measurement of individual hive temperatures.  However, it also takes data from internal and external weather stations.  The entire system is connected via an EtherCAT cable.  Which goes to the DAQ computer which runs the DewesoftX Software.  The software displays real time data and records it for trend analysis as well as historical review.   

Remote Access and Long-term monitoring

So, what sets the Dewesoft solution apart from other systems?  It’s the usage of remote monitoring capabilities through the Historian Software.  Historian Software uses MQTT protocol to provide reliable, bandwidth efficient communication.  Therefore, allowing a bee keeper to monitor hive conditions from afar using a web browser on any device.  In addition, using tools such as Grafana integrated into the system the beekeeper receives visual feedback.  Such as charts and alerts which notify them of any environmental deviations which could impact bee health or honey production.

Conclusion:  Technology meets tradition

Dewesoft’s approach in remote temperature monitoring in bee hives illustrates a perfect blend of tradition and technology.  The technology helps beekeepers maintain optimal hive conditions.  Therefore, ensuring the survival and productivity of these crucial pollinators.

In addition, by embracing such technologies backyard beekeepers safeguard their colonies but also contribute to a broader narrative of sustainable agriculture.  So whether you’re a bee enthusiast or technology lover, this story of the northern Ohio beekeeper and Dewesoft’s solution offers a warm glimpse into the future of farming – where every small creature counts and every bit of data helps. Read the original for deeper insight.

To learn more about the technology used for monitoring beehive temperature & humidity remotely in this application, contact us.