Exploring the New Dewesoft OBSIDIAN® Data Loggers

OBSIDIAN Data Logger R8w model

The Rugged R8w and Versatile R12

In the dynamic world of data acquisition and measurement, staying ahead with technology that can withstand extreme conditions and adapt to various environments is crucial. Dewesoft’s latest entries into their OBSIDIAN Data Loggers product line, the rugged OBSIDIAN-R8w and the versatile OBSIDIAN-R12, set new standards in durability and adaptability.

Unveiling the OBSIDIAN-R8w: Built for the Extremes

The OBSIDIAN-R8w is a testament to engineering designed to perform in the most demanding conditions. This highly rugged and water-resistant logger is rated to IP67.  Therefore, built to operate flawlessly from chilling -40°C up to scorching 85°C. With shock resistance up to 75 g and compliance with the MIL-810F standard for vibrations.  The OBSIDIAN-R8w ensures that your data acquisition is never compromised, no matter the environment.

The “w” in OBSIDIAN-R8w not only stands for water-resistance, but also introduces a new line of IOLITE modules and accessories. These modules currently consist of: IOLITErw-6xSTG, IOLITErw-8xSTGS-D37, IOLITErw-8xLVe-D37, IOLITErw-4xCNT, IOLITEirw-8xTH-HS, IOLITErw-8xACC and IOLITEirw-4xCAN-FD. Each module ensures watertightness on its front end.  In addition, it contains encapsulated screws for easier module manipulation

Enhancing its field utility, the OBSIDIAN-R8w comes equipped with built-in GPS and Wi-Fi modules, enabling precise geolocation tagging of data and easy remote access for data configuration and retrieval. The addition of three extra LED lights on the device’s front provides at-a-glance status updates, ensuring you always know how your data logging is progressing.

Introducing the OBSIDIAN -R12 Data Loggers : A New Standard for Lab and Field Integration

The OBSIDIAN-R12 is for high-capacity data logging and seamless integration into lab settings. Designed to fit neatly into a standard 19″ rack. The R12 can house up to 12 IOLITE modules. Therefore, making it a powerhouse for capturing and analysing multiple data streams simultaneously.

Connectivity is a breeze with the OBSIDIAN-R12. It supports PTPv2 over existing network infrastructures.  In addition, it features dual EtherCAT and CAN, OPC-UA, and XCP on Ethernet. Its expandable storage capabilities, including options for an integrated SD card or external hard drive.  Therefore, make it a reliable choice for redundant data storage, critical in safeguarding essential measurements.

For those requiring even more robust connectivity and precision, the OBSIDIAN-R12 offers upgrades like Lemo connectors for the primary bus and an integrated GPS module. These features enhance the R12’s suitability for in-vehicle applications where multiple measurement channels and secure mounting are necessary.


Dewesoft’s OBSIDIAN-R8w and OBSIDIAN -R12 Data Loggers represent significant advancements in data logging technology. As they are designed to meet the challenges of today’s most demanding environments. Whether you’re monitoring fleet operations in harsh climates with the OBSIDIAN-R8w. Or integrating complex data systems in a lab with the OBSIDIAN-R12. These tools promise not just to collect data but to ensure its reliability, accessibility, and ultimate protection against all odds. With these tools, professionals in various industries can expect precision, durability, and versatility, hallmarks of Dewesoft’s commitment to excellence in measurement technology.

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