DFM 400 Fuel Flow Meter

DFM 400 Fuel Flow Meter

Metromatics recently supplied our client with the Wagencontrol DFM 400 Fuel Flow Meter.  This Fuel Flow meter also came complete with telematics.  This feature allows our client to transmit fuel measurement data over a long distance.  As a result, our client chose this solution to help configure differential fuel flow measurements.  Over the coming months they will use the DFM 400 to help verify the accuracy of diesel consumption figures reported by their vehicle’s ECM.

Here is an example of a sample report from DFM 400 Fuel Flow Meter.  As shown, the DFM 400 transmits sample data over a long distance as a result of the DFM 400 telematics feature.

DFM 400 Fuel Flow Meter Sample Report

What is a Differential Fuel Flow Meter

A Differential Fuel Flow Meter (DFM) measures diesel fuel consumption for vehicles, machinery and stationary engines.  It is also compatible with both vehicle tracking systems and fuel monitoring systems already installed in vehicles with diesel engines. A DFM is also perfect in situations where it is not possible to apply a single-chamber diesel meter or where fuel consumption needs to be verified for accuracy.

How Does a Differential Fuel Flow Meter Work?

Differential Pressure flow meters measure the velocity of fluids flowing through a pipe by reading the pressure loss across a pipe constriction.  Once the Fuel Flow meter measures this loss it sends the data to a tracking unit.  Finally, the tracking unit reports data back to the user.

How a Differential Fuel Flow Meter works

DFM Applications

Differential Fuel Flow meters are often used in situations where high pressure, high temperature or a large diameter play a role in the flow of fuel.  They are used to control and monitor fuel consumption. DFMs are mostly used in the chemical, oil, gas and power industries.


  1. Fuel consumption control
  2. Fuel consumption rationing
  3. Fuel consumption optimisation and real-time monitoring
  4. Monitor passenger flow
  5. Engine fuel consumption testing

What Vehicles are Compatible with the DFM 400 Fuel Flow Meter?

The DFM 400 Fuel Flow Meter is compatible with trucks, stationary tanks, construction vehicles, agriculture machinery, stationary engines and also railroad trains.

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