Formula 1 Relies on Tailor-Made High-Speed Dewesoft

Formula 1 Vehicles used high precision measurement technology to give them the edge

Last March in Melbourne, the premier league of motorsports was going full throttle into the new season and competition was tighter than ever:  In the fight for even the tiniest advantage the racing teams relied on high precision measurement technology from Dewesoft!

Sunday the season opening,  Red Bull, Ferrari & Co’s Formula 1 cars again brought the asphalt to glow in a fast-paced fight for the title of world champion!

But the motorised in-fight began long before the race even began.  Vehicles are configured in advance with the help of technology.  So that drivers like Champion Sebastian Vettel can make use of their Formula I racing cars full potential.

High Precision Measurement Technology involved in the success:

Almost all Formula 1 racing teams rely on Dewesoft’s high-precision measurement technology, such as The Sirius ACC,  Sirius STG and Dewesoft X3 Software. With specialised measuring tools, these measuring instruments record data such as driving dynamics, engine power, temperature, sound and vibration. Electrical signals are recorded using state-of-the-art technology.  They are then converted into units. Such as driving dynamics, engine power, temperature, sound or vibration.

Thanks to these innovative measurement technologies, Dewesoft has an international leading edge in this industry. That’s why Dewesoft is smiling regardless of who the winner is.  Knowing  the racing teams relied on high-precision measurement technology from Dewesoft.

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