New VPX 6U Carrier Cards suitable for many functions

VPX 6U Carrier Cards

New VPX 6U Carrier Cards Host XMC and AcroPack mPCIe I/O Modules Providing Maximum Flexibility for a Mix of Functions

Acromag’s latest  VPX 6U Carrier Cards feature five mezzanine slots.  Which interface a combination of I/O, communication, FPGA, GPU, or CPU modules to the bus over a high-speed PCIe Gen 3 link.

Acromag expands their offering of OpenVPX™ solutions with the new Model VPX4520 and VPX4521 6U carrier cards.   Providing mezzanine slots for one XMC and four mini-PCIe or AcroPack I/O modules.

The XMC module site can host a network communication, FPGA, GPU, SBC, or other I/O signal processor card. The four AcroPack slots provide a rugged PCIe mini card interface for a mix of analogue, digital, serial, and other I/O functions. The PCIe Gen 3 interface connects to the VPX Bus.  Either via Expansion Plane (Model VPX4520) or via Data Plane (Model VPX4521).  It also supports upstream and downstream PCIe links.

These carrier cards provide compatibility with prXMC Single Board Computers.  Both models offer Air Cooled, Air Cooled Extended Temperature or Conduction Cooled Versions.

Therefore, making it ideal for Critical High Performance Computer Applications.  In Industries such as Aerospace, Defence, Laboratories and Industrial.

Learn more about Acromag’s Models VPX4520 and VPX4521 by watching this short video. Or contact us for more information.