Retail Digital Shelf Display

The MetroSpec Digital Shelf Displays by Metromatics are colourful shelf edge displays which replace the monotonous black and white price tags / paper tags and add new excitement to the retail shelf.  The Smart Shelf display provides targeted advertising at the point of purchase.  It enhances the customers experience, strengthens brand loyalty, influences the customer’s purchasing decision and increases sales with eye catching brand relevant video and image content.

About the MetroSpec Digital Shelf Display

The MetroSpec Digital Shelf Display is one complete LCD Display.  It is 22.9” or 58.70cm in length and provides a single uninterrupted seamless image.  There are two models available.  Firstly, the MS22A is a standalone model. Secondly, it displays MP4, JPG and BMP Video and Image formats via USB using the Micro USB Port.   However, the MS22B contains an inbuilt computer and a wireless antenna. Finally, it communicates via Wi-Fi and displays the same video and image formats.  Promotions to this Smart Shelf LCD Screen can be updated remotely. Also, the MS22B’s Wi-Fi functionality can sync two  shelf displays together enabling more advertising power.

Even in high ambient lighting conditions such as supermarkets, the MetroSpec Digital Edge Display turns heads.  With its 700 Nits brightness, wide viewing angle and high contrast ratio of 1000:1. It provides exceptional viewing up close and at a distance.

The MetroSpec Smart Shelf LCD Displays visually puts a spotlight on the end caps for promotional activity in a supermarket or retail store.  Simply by providing, real time content changes and attracting shoppers’ attention with colourful, eye catching promotions, high resolution videos, Blinking Price Tags, QR Codes and Images. It also assists retailers time, energy, money and labour costs by not having to manually update pricing or promotional information.

Orientation of the displays can landscape or portrait.  Designed to operate 24 hours / 7 days a week and a power consumption typically between 12-20 Watts.  With their slim, sleek, modern housing, secure mounting and light weight makes them the perfect POS advertising product to make your product stand out from your competitors

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