Product of the Month NASA Tech Briefs

Product of the month NASA Tech Briefs

KRYPTON ONE – awarded Product of the Month in NASA TECH BRIEFS!

We have great news to share our valued supplier Dewesoft has won the NASA Tech briefs award again!  KRYPTON ONE, the world’s smallest single-channel data acquisition module was selected for the  PRODUCT OF THE MONTH NASA Tech Briefs award. The on-line edition of NASA Tech Briefs is now available. Showing the KRYPTON ONE as PRODUCT OF THE MONTH, July 2019.

With the rugged KRYPTON line, the data acquisition is close to the data source – close to the sensors – to increase signal quality and reduce expensive cabling. Users can distribute the data acquisition chain down to a single channel, a single sensor.

After intensive development and testing. Dewesoft have released a new series of KRYPTON modules with all of the same environmental robustness.  These single-channel modules measure just 62 x 56 x 29 mm. With IP67 degree of protection, these tiny KRYPTON ONE waterproof data acquisition modules are ready for use in harsh environments.

KRYPTON 1 DAQ Modules are available in several varieties:

  • 1xACC Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with IEPE and voltage inputs. Input range is adjustable from 10 V to 0.2 V.
  • 1xSTG Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with strain gauge, voltage and current inputs. It features internal bridge completion for quarter and half-bridge measurements.  As well as voltage and current excitation. Voltage input range is adjustable between 50 V and 0.1 V.
  • 1xLV Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with voltage inputs and adjustable input range bewteen 50 V and 0.1 V.
  • 1xHV Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with high voltage input and fixed input range of 1000 V.
  • 1xTH-HV Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with K-type thermocouple input and high voltage isolation.
  • 4xDI Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with 4 digital inputs and power supply on the front connector.
  • 4xDO Single channel isolated KRYPTON module with 4 digital outputs and power supply on the front connector.  Output type is open collector with max 2 A sink current.
  • 1xAO Single channel KRYPTON module with analogue voltage output. Output range is +-10 V and max current is 20 mA.
  • 1xCNT Single channel isolated KRYPTON  module with supercounter input.

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