Multi Protocol Interface Cards

Alta’s Multi Protocol interface cards and Ethernet devices provide unparalleled value in combining MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC interfaces on a single product.

Combined with a common software development kit, AltaAPI, or with AltaView Windows analyser.  It allows for the easiest integration of 1553+ARINC products on the market.


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Multi Protocol Interface Cards

Alta Data provides Multi Protocol Interface Cards  and Ethernet Devices which allows the combination of MIL STD 1553 and ARINC Interfaces on one board.  This provides enormous value if you work with both protocols.

Multi Protocol Interface Cards - Ethernet Version

Features of Multi Protocol Converters include
  • There are 1 or up to 5 Independent Dual Redundant MIL STD 1553 & Optional 8 ARINC Channels in most models.
  • Works with many form factors such as PCI Express, PMC, XMC, PCI/104 Express, PCI, ENet Devices, Compact PCI/PXI.
  • Designed to meet Lab & Rugged MIL STD 810G/461F Standards
  • Over 10 different models available
  • Four powerful Software alternatives – Porting, Analysis, NI Platform compatibility & protocol validation


To discover which model will meet your requirements, click on the picture to be taken to the product information page.  Or for more information, please contact us.