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DownloadVideo© is a KLV Metadata Viewer standalone software developed by Instrumentation Technology Systems (ITS).  It enables a download of uncompressed video from ITS’s Model 6520 Video Recording Instrument to a PC over Ethernet.  Firstly, this instrument can decode uncompressed clips to AVI or MP4 files and extract the metadata embedded in the clip. Secondly, this gives the KLV Metadata viewer software the power to play the material forward or backwards in a single step and also to display metadata in synchronism with the video.

Features of DownloadVideo© KLV Metadata Viewer Software

  • Download high quality uncompressed video data via UDP transfers from both SSD and DDR
  • Transcode from raw video data to either an AVI format(uncompressed)  or MP4 (compressed)
  • Full function Video Player – forward, reverse, single step, frame select, 1 x, ½ x, ¼ x and 1/8 x speeds
  • Metadata Extraction; Format and display of MISB Time stamp and Custom KLV Metadata packets
  • Search on data; displays the metadata sample with the corresponding image frame
  • Export of metadata to a universally accepted *.CSV file for use by other programs


The clip downloaded via UDP-Ethernet is a binary file.  Formatted as SMPTE 2022-6.  This is a new feature of DownloadVideo©. The software has built-in functions to parse out SMPTE 2022-6 and transcode the clip to universally accepted open formats such as AVI or MP4.  The Settings in Software control file size and image quality.  For example, when transcoding to MP4 one can control the image quality from “lightly compressed” to more compression.

About the Metadata Displayed

In addition, Metadata is extracted.  Never compressed. Once transcoded, the video can be played on a user sizable window concurrently with a display of all captured metadata fully synchronized with the image display. Formatted in accordance with the key created with the ITS KeyTemplate© (available at no charge).

Firstly, Metadata is exported.  Each record contains the MISB timestamp captured with the frame, the data and KLV key number assigned to the data packet. Search single fields of metadata to meet criteria.  Once found, it can play or step in either direction from this point. It is also possible to loop video play and set a starting frame and number of frames about which to loop.   Corresponding metadata loops in synchronism with the video in this mode as well. These features enable detailed study of an area of interest in the clip.

Purchase DownloadVideo

DownloadVideo© is KLV Metadata Viewer software.  Available separately.   However, when it is purchased with a 6520 Fusion VRI on the same purchase order the software is discounted 25%. In addition, there is a special upgrade price for existing users. Where the VRI firmware can be upgraded.  Especially if the VRI was purchased before January 2017.  This will allow UDP transfers. The firmware upgrade is free to all current 6520 VRI owners firmware files and upgrade instructions.

The details recorded by the Video Recording Instrument are critical Single frame shots are an integral part of analysis or evidence retention. The 6520 Fusion VRI delivers what the camera captured, uncompromised; no detail lost and no colour shifts.  Therefore, making it the perfect tool for KLV Metadata Decoding.


About Instrumentation Technology Systems (ITS)

An American Company who is a pioneer in the use of metadata.  By means of which to collect, record, synchronise and merge with video.  Firstly, their hardware and software products aimed at investigations.  Secondly, allowing real time analysis of things in motion.  Systems used in Defence, Aerospace, UAV’s and Engineering Test Environments.

A wide range of sensors collects data.  Group Data is organised. Each frame of video is sampled and captured.  The result is a pre correlated image and data set.  This shortens the time to analyse faults and performance of complex systems.  Therefore, archive important events frame by frame.


For more information about KLV Metadata Viewer Software, contact us.

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