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Elevate Your Video Analysis to Unmatched Heights with DownloadVideo©, Your Ultimate KLV Metadata Viewer Software by EON Instrumentation! Does your project demand flawless video recording, precision metadata extraction, and the power to view and analyse it all in one seamless package?

Then DownloadVideo©  paired with the EON Model 6520 HD-SDI Video Recorder is designed for you.

Key Features That Set It Apart:

  • Uncompressed Glory: Download high-quality, uncompressed video data directly to your PC over Ethernet from EON’s ground breaking Model 6520 Video Recording Instrument.
  • Ultimate Compatibility: The software skill fully transcodes raw, uncompressed video data to universally accepted formats, such as AVI and MP4, all while letting you control the image quality and file size.  Including the ability to extract metadata embedded in the clip.
  • Full Control at Your Fingertips: Play your videos forward or backward, step-by-step, or at variable speeds—all perfectly synchronised with the metadata display.
  • Metadata Mastery: Extract, format, and display MISB Time stamps and custom KLV Metadata packets with an unparalleled level of detail. Plus, export the metadata to a *.CSV file for interoperability with other programs.
  • Smart Search: The advanced search functionality allows you to navigate directly to specific metadata samples.  Therefore, corresponding with the exact image frame you’re looking for.
  • Study in Detail: Loop through specific video frames and corresponding metadata to conduct an in-depth study of any area of interest.
  • Download high quality video data: Uncompressed video data can be downloaded via UDP transfers from both SSD and DDR.
  • Control Image quality: Settings in Software Control give you the power to control file size and image quality from “lightly compressed” to more compression.

New to DownloadVideo©: SMPTE 2022-6 Support:

EON’s latest feature allows for parsing out SMPTE 2022-6 and transcoding clips to universally accepted open formats like AVI or MP4. This makes it the most adaptable tool for all video encoding standards.

Metadata You Can Trust:

Metadata is extracted in its purest form—never compressed. Once transcoded, experience a simultaneous, fully synchronised display of both video and metadata.  In addition, it is formatted according to the key created with KLV Software Toolkit.  This free of charge toolkit comes with all EON HD-SDI  Video products.

Metadata Displayed:

Firstly, Metadata is exported.  Each record contains the MISB timestamp captured with the frame.  In addition, the data and KLV key number assigned to the data packet. Search single fields of metadata to meet criteria.  Once found, it can play or step in either direction from this point. It is also possible to loop video play and set a starting frame and number of frames about which to loop.   Corresponding metadata loops in synchronism with the video in this mode as well. These features enable detailed study of an area of interest in the clip.

Available for purchase separately.  DownloadVideo© enhances your ability to decode KLV Metadata with a level of accuracy and functionality that is second to none. Perfectly paired with EON’s Model 6520, this package ensures you capture every critical detail in both the visual and data dimensions. It delivers what the camera captured – no detail lost, nor any colour shifts.

Don’t settle for less. Contact us to learn more about DownloadVideo© and revolutionise the way you interact with video and metadata today!

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