Ruggedized UPS

Ruggedized UPS

Acumentrics Inc spotlight a line of small, lightweight, configurable Ruggedized UPS Systems (Ruggedized Uninterruptible Power Supplies RUPS) for the most demanding expeditionary missions.

Acumentrics Inc  – Firstly, known for their expertise in rugged power solutions for mission-critical applications.  Spotlight two lightweight tactical power systems both of which reduce the weight of the USMC’s mission electronics, while also providing a higher degree of autonomy and functionality when deployed in a contested area.

The Pack-Power™ System is a flexible, 0.9kg. small form factor UPS that can be used stand-alone or integrated within a backpack.

Key features include:

  • Full operation even when charging
  • 12VDC/28VDC output that powers and recharges radios and other electronics
  • An integrated (5) port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hub that provides device power as well as bi-directional communication with a laptop or tablet
  • FAA compliant
  • Water and dust resistance (IP54) for use in harsh environments.
  • In typical applications, Pack-Power™ runtime is in excess of eight hours.

The Carry-On Power Case™ is a rugged ready-to-integrate portable system with built-in power and data communications capability.  Also the large available volume allows for storage and operation of critical equipment in the absence of grid or vehicle power.  Both 100W and 300W versions are equipped with AC inputs/outputs, DC inputs/outputs & USB ports. The Carry-On Power Case™ provides full operation wherever the mission takes you.

Key features include:

  • Global auto-ranging power inputs
  • FAA compliant
  • IP67 water/dust resistance.

In addition to these portable product solutions, Acumentrics have a proven line of Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supplies (RUPS) including the 1U, 2U, & 3U Rugged UPS along with several operational transit cases:

To learn more about the Acumentric Ruggedized UPS Range, contact us.

 About Acumentrics

With 25 years of proven performance, Acumentrics designs, manufactures and integrates lightweight, rugged, portable, power solutions that provide autonomy and operational capability in any environment, under any condition, with continuous availability!  Whether plugged-in, on a remote mission, or during a power outage, rest assured your electronics will work properly and reliably!

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