Portable UPS System for Soldier’s & Medical Backpacks

Introducing the Pack-Power™ System – Your Ultimate Power Companion for Critical Defence Missions! Whether you’re navigating rugged terrains or operating in remote locations, the Pack-Power™ System offers unbeatable durability and reliability.

Its long-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted power for your critical tasks, while its intelligent power management simultaneously charges the battery and conditions incoming power when connected. In standalone mode, the robust battery source guarantees seamless task execution, even in the most challenging environments.

For added convenience, the optional Acumentrics’ software allows remote monitoring, providing complete control and situational awareness. Don’t compromise on power when it matters most – choose Pack-Power™ and stay connected for mission success.

The Acumentrics Pack-Power System is a Portable UPS System for Soldier’s Backpacks and First Responders Kit Pack.  Firstly, it is an essential tool for these essential workers.  Secondly, it provides access to portable clean power to enable access to critical communications equipment and systems. Also, this lightweight system adds just over 900 grams to the overall weight of the backpack or kit pack and slots in nicely to a smallish sized pocket.

The Pack-Power System contains full UPS functionality.  This means it will provide clean power, portable back up power, offers simultaneous charging and output power and conditioning for poor quality input power.  It has a run time of 9 hours with an average typical total load of 10W.

Portable UPS System

Global power inputs for battery charging and power load accepts 10-30VDC plus 100-260 VAC with optional AC Adaptor. The unit allows for simultaneous battery charging and powering a load of up 100W.  Shared by regulated DC Output (12V or 28V Optional) plus 4 x USB 3.0 ( @ 10W each).

Finally, the solution is an IP54 Enclosure. It has dimensions of 3.8cm x 13.97cm x 19.05cm making it a small, safe and rugged system. It operates from -10⁰C to 40⁰C temperatures.  For instance, Control, Monitoring and Reporting is  taken care of by optional APP Software.  It provides the power out status along with battery SOC (State of Charge) for remaining run time and recharging the battery through USB.

To download a system for Medical Applications Spec Sheet, click here

To download a System for Defence Applications Spec Sheet, click here


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Carry on Power Cases


Acumentrics has developed a complete power solution for your Portable UPS Power System with the Carry-on Power™ Case.  Firstly, it is a rugged case that enables you to charge the battery and other electronics en-route.  Secondly, you just need to add your laptop or tablet and other electronics.  So when you arrive your system is ready to go for immediate use to allow you to get the job done!  It is available in 100W and 300W Versions for both Soldiers and First Responders.

Down load the 100W Version for Defence Applications, click here

To down load the 300W Version for Defence Applications, click here

Down load the 100W Version for Medical Applications, click here

To down load the 300W Version for Medical Applications, click here


Portable Workstation Charging Cart

Acumentrics has developed a Portable Workstation Cart for Telemedicine called Minute-Charging™ System.  Firstly, it allows the battery of the portable UPS System to be fully charged in minutes, not hours.  Secondly, this system uses LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries which gives you longer operational battery life. Therefore, providing maximum availability with minimum disruption by providing a cart can respond and charge very quickly.

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About Acumentrics

With modern Defence forces relying upon Computers and other sophisticated electronic equipment.  Firstly, it is critical to keep that equipment online in harsh environments.  Secondly, Acumentrics delivers AC and DC uninterruptible power sources for combat and heavy duty industrial applications.  Their portable power products are perfect for first responders, telemedicine systems and anyone needing an autonomous compact power solution.

Acumentrics delivers UPS Systems which deliver a clean AC or DC Power Supply in harsh environments.  Such as dust, rail, wind, heat, cold, vibration, shock and blowing sand.  Systems which an be mounted in 19″ Cabinets and in transit cases for immediate use.



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