Dewesoft X3 SP11 Released

Dewesoft X3 SP11 Released

Our friends at Dewesoft have released Version SP11 upgrade for their Dewesoft X3 Software.

  • Highlights from this new version includes:
  • Resampler Functionality – making exporting data to custom rates more convenient and automatically eliminate aliasing
  • Wider Support for Photron Cameras – adding PFV 4 API in the Photron Plugin
  • ARXML description files can used to parametrise the CAN Modules
  • Telemetry Plugins receive upgrade

New Data Resampling

When performing data analysis in third-party software, data acquired with Dewesoft is often exported at custom, and usually reduced rates. Up to now, Dewesoft introduced aliasing if data was not filtered using math before exporting. With the release of the resampler functionality, that is no longer the case.

Three new methods of resampling are now available when exporting data: Hold, Linear interpolation, and Alias-free. Depending on the channel type, the most appropriate method is automatically selected but users are also free to apply the method of their choice.

Photron Cameras Plugin Update

The Photron camera plugin is now available in a 64-bit version and has been updated to support the latest version of the Photron FASTCAM Viewer software. That makes Dewesoft compatible with a whole new generation of Photron cameras, the FASTCAM NOVA (S6, S9, S12) and the MINI SERIES (AX, UX, WX, CX).

In addition, a low light mode is now available in channel setup, allowing users to more accurately configure the position, zoom, and focus of the camera to achieve the highest possible quality video during recording. To apply the low light mode, the function needs to be supported by the camera model in use.

ARXML File Support

The CAN module is parametrized using ARXML files.  Firstly, this is a standard format defined by the AUTOSAR development partnership. Dewesoft supports versions 3 and 4 of this standard.   However, the export of the CAN bus configuration to ARXML is currently not supported.

Aerospace Telemetry User Interface Updates

Several improvements have been made to the aerospace telemetry Dewesoft’s modules. Chapter 10, PCM and ARINC plugins have all received a visual overhaul. Most importantly, all grids within the plugins have been replaced with the “DSGrid” which supports all of the standard operations that are already available in most other Dewesoft modules.

Additionally, the Chapter 10 plugin is now modular and supports decoding multiple streams while the iNET plugin can interpret TMNS packets, extract ARINC data and pass these to the ARINC plugin for decoding as well as act as a recorder (stream out data).

Human Body Vibration update

The shock calculation within the human vibration module has been updated in order to be fully compliant with the ISO 2631-5:2018 standard. The module remains backward compatible with old setup files.

More information on Dewesoft X3 SP11 Release

As always Dewesoft X3 is a free upgrade for all existing Dewesoft customers. Also you can download the Dewesoft X3 SP11 release from their download center, where you will also find a changelog listing all the minor improvements and bug fixes.

Finally, for more information on Dewesoft X3 SP11 or Dewesoft Data Acquisition products, contact us.