Programmable Dual Channel Transmitters

Acromag’s DT Series of Programmable Dual Channel Transmitters is a product to get excited about.  Firstly, it contains two independent I/O channels per unit.  In addition, Loop Power, 1500V Isolation, can function as a signal splitter and is configured on its Mobile App via USB.  Also, at 17.5mm tall it saves space and competitively priced.

There are two versions available

  • DT230 Series is Loop Powered Transmitter with 2 Wires and 4-20mA Output
  • DT330 Series is external 6-32V DC Powered Transmitter with 4 Wires and 4-20mA, 0-10V or +/-10V Output


Inputs for both series include: Thermocouple/mv input, RTD/Resistance Input, Current/mv Input, Process Voltage Input and High Voltage input

The Acromag Agility Configuration Software which configures the DT Series Transmitters; enables you to download the free windows configured software to PC or the Agility App to your Mobile.  The software offers enhanced I/O scaling features, the ability to monitor and poll the input signal to verify setup for in field diagnostics and program output limits.

Typical applications for the programmable dual channel transmitters include:

  • Dual transmitter/isolator for monitoring two sensor signals
  • Signal Splitter/Duplicator – two receivers monitoring one process signal
  • Single Transmitter/Isolator – Spare channel for expansion
  • Classic Signal Converter/Isolator – Sensors to Controller
  • Classic Signal Splitter / Isolator – Sensors to Controller and Recorder


Due to the transmitters applications versatility, it becomes very attractive for Oil, Gas, Mining, Water, Waste Water, Chemical, Power Generation, Alternative Energy Plants, Paper, Textile, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Factory Automation Industries.

Finally, for more information on the DT Series of programmable Dual Channel Transmitters, contact us.

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