Facing Global Challenges

Medical Robot assisting Global Challenges Technology

With various changes occurring in the world we are living in with – social distancing, working from home and city lockdowns.  Technology is being developed to assist these Global Challenges.  Our partner ADLINK, is at the forefront of Technology Development with products such as Medical Robots, Facial Recognition and Remote Monitoring of Factories.


Medical Robot

Hospitals and the health care workers on the front line are currently under extreme pressure.  They need to care for the vulnerable, contain outbreaks of disease and keep themselves safe.  More precautions, check points and valuable resources are in place.  However, it does takes up extra time.   However, pressure could be reduced.  By reassigning routine tasks to Medical Robots.   For example; tasks such as disinfection, cleaning and delivery of medical resources.  This would keep health care workers safe and enable them to focus on more important duties.

The ADLINK ROS 2 Controller works to help accelerate Robot Design and Reduce Engineering Costs.  Flexible, integrated and a compatible solution assisting hospitals and robotic system integrators realise the vision of rapid development for smart medical service robots.



AI Facial Recognition

Many Public and Private Organisations must implement strict access control policies.  With the intention,  to curb disease transmission and to enable track and trace should there be an outbreak.  AI Facial recognition checkpoints, could act as an enhanced and contactless solution to assist in risk of exposure to contagious diseases.

ADLINK AI Facial Recognition uses Edge Video Analysis. This contains an extremely fast processor.  Delivering results within half a second, a low error rate and a fanless – power efficient system.  A major benefit of installing video analytics or AI on a business premise is that: Companies can customise and modify the hardware based on their requirements – whether the AI is used for security, whether it is used to offer contactless track and trace system, count numbers of customers currently on site etc.



Remote Monitoring at Factories

For Factory Owners, regular inspection and maintenance of equipment is necessary.  As it enables you to maintain peak operational performance and avoid costly repairs and downtime of your equipment.  However, the exposure to contagious diseases has placed a high risk to employees when travelling to onsite locations to inspect equipment or conduct maintenance.  ADLINK’s real time remote monitoring solution can assist in reducing the frequency of in person equipment inspections.

ADLINK integrates its MCM-204 standalone edge Ethernet Data Acquisition System with ADLINK Data Connect pro (a Microsoft Azure Cloud based service) to remotely monitor equipment vibration, rotation speed and temperature at end nodes.  Therefore, increasing equipment life and reducing maintenance frequency whilst keeping staff safe.


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