Machine Condition Monitoring & Maintenance

Machine Condition Monitoring and Maintenance

  Space-grade measurement technology brought into machine condition monitoring. Accurate, extremely reliable, easy to use and cost-effective real-time condition monitoring solution is ideal for any kind of rotating machinery such as electric motors, gearboxes, pumps, etc.

 Dewesoft now offers a complete solution with plug-and-play hardware and powerful software for permanent condition-based monitoring applications. The EtherCAT hardware architecture enables distributed measurements – the distance up to 100 m node to node – with a virtually limitless number of synchronised devices connected through a single cable delivering power and data

Machine condition monitoring (or condition-based monitoring – CBM) is the process of monitoring condition in machinery while in operation (vibration, temperature, etc.), in order to identify a significant change which is indicative of a developing fault or malfunction, and is a major component of predictive maintenance . This cost-effective solution enables production facility owners to start permanent monitoring of critical equipment with high ROI. Ultimately reducing production downtime, lowering maintenance, repair costs and increasing company profitability


READY TO USE HIGH-LEVEL WEB-BASED SOFTWARE: The Dewesoft Machine Condition Monitoring software includes a web-based overview of the machinery state, indispensable for quick decision making.

IN-DEPTH MACHINE CONDITION ANALYSIS FEATURES:  Thousands of software features relevant to PdM experts are available.  Including FFT-analyser, time-domain analysis, orbit plot, order tracking, waterfall diagram, trend statistics, enveloping, bearing fault detection.

HISTORIAN TIME-SERIES DATABASE: Historical data can be permanently stored in a database on a local or cloud server.  Used for trends as well as for later in-depth analysis and root cause identification

CONNECTIVITY WITH OPC UA:  Integrate data into 3rd party control system using the OPC UA protocol.

DATA ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE:  Access data from the client’s local computer, mobile phone or remotely via a pre-configured web browser application.

UNLIMITED INPUT CHANNELS:  Dewesoft DAQ systems offer virtually unlimited input channel configurations and our DAQ software can perform machine condition monitoring analysis on any or all of them at the same time.

TOTALLY DISTRIBUTED SYSTEM:  Dewesoft DAQ devices designed for distributed under any condition. EtherCAT technology allows devices to be placed near the sensor.  Then connected with a single cable for power, data, and synchronization. The cable can span up to 100m between DAQ nodes or virtually unlimited using EtherCAT to fibre optic converters.

ANY SENSOR:  input amplifiers offer support for any velocity, accelerometer, temperature, pressure and any other types of sensors needed to detect rotating machinery issues.

LIFETIME FREE SOFTWARE UPGRADES AND SUPPORT: The machine condition monitoring software packageis always evolving and new features are being added. We offer lifetime FREE software upgrades and technical support to all our users.

Measure and Observe

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Strain monitoring
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Rotational speed monitoring
  • Force monitoring

Detect Faults:  

  • Bearing faults
  • Overheating
  • Shaft un-balance
  • Detached mounting
  • Gear-tooth failure
  • Load misalignment
  • Stator eccentricity
  • Other machine catastrophic failures


The latest Machine Condition Monitoring solution introduced on the market is the Dewesoft IOLITEd-2xASI, a device with two analogue sensor interface channels and one tacho specifically designed to work with Dewesoft ASI-1xVIB-50g, a 10 kHz vibration, and temperature sensor.

Improve machinery efficiency – reduce maintenance and repairs. Permanent monitoring is the only way to understand the condition of the rotating machine in detail.  To be able to perform the right maintenance.

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