Miniature IEPE Accelerometers

Our piezoelectric IEPE Single Axis accelerometers are generally used in applications where size, weight, high sensitivity, low noise interference and minimal power consumption features are important.

Applications of use include in circuit board testing, small structure testing, drop testing, component, and modal testing.

The Metromatics Series MM161A, MM162A, MM163A and MM164A are Single Axis Miniature IEPE Accelerometers.  Measuring acceleration or motion along only one axis.  For example, in one of the three dimensions being X-Axis (horizontal), Y-Axis (Vertical) or the Z-Axis (depth).

Firstly, IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric) Single Axis Miniature Sensors are popular.  Used in a variety of applications that require precise and reliable measurements of dynamic phenomena.  For example, acceleration, pressure, or force. The “Integrated Electronics” means that the sensor includes built-in signal conditioning.  Therefore, often in the form of a charge amplifier, which makes the device more straightforward to use than traditional piezoelectric sensors.


Easy to Use:

Built-In Electronics: With internal charge amplifiers or signal conditioners, these sensors eliminate the need for external amplification, making them easier to install and operate.

Compact and Lightweight:

Miniature Design: These sensors are specifically engineered to fit into tight spaces and add minimal weight to the setup, making them ideal for applications where space is at a premium.


Broad Frequency Range: Firstly, these sensors usually offer a wide range of operating frequencies, from 0.5 to 12,000 Hz.

Single Axis Measurement: Focuses on capturing precise data along a single axis, which is ideal for applications that require specialised or simplified information.

High Performance:

High Sensitivity: Thanks to the piezoelectric element, these sensors can detect minute changes, offering high sensitivity ranging from 10 to 100 mV/g.

Low Noise: In addition, built-in electronics are often designed to minimise signal noise, providing cleaner data.

Environmental Resilience:

Wide Operating Temperature Range: Can operate effectively over a wide range of temperatures from -40 to +121°C.

Constant Current Excitation: Powered by a constant current source, often supplied by the same cable used for the signal, simplifying wiring.


Standardised Outputs: Commonly offer output compatibility with data acquisition systems, using standard BNC or other connectors.

Calibration and Certification:

Calibration Options: Come with calibration certificates and can often be recalibrated as needed.

Industry Standards: Often meet or exceed industry standards for safety and performance.

These features make IEPE Single Axis Miniature Sensors an ideal choice for various applications, including industrial monitoring, aerospace, automotive testing, biomedical research, and more.


To learn more about our  Single Axis Miniature IEPE Accelerometers, consult the table below or contact us.

Small IEPE Accelerometers Portfolio – Part I

Sensitivity (±10%) mV/g10501001050100
Measuring Range g pk±500±100±50±500±100±50
Resolution mg rms10211021
Frequency Range (±5%) Hz0.5-8K0.5-8K0.5-8K0.5-8K0.5-8K0.5-8K
Frequency Range (±10%) Hz1-10K1-10K1-10K1-10K1-10K1-10K
Resonant Frequency kHz404040303035
Temperature Range °C-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121
Sensing ElementCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/Shear
Output ConnectorM5 TopM5 TopM5 TopM5 SideM5 SideM5 Side
Housing MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
SealingWeldedWeldedEpoxy GlueEpoxy GlueEpoxy GlueEpoxy Glue
Weight g7.
Size mmՓ11 x 16Փ11 x 16Փ11 x 1610 x 10 x 1010 x 10 x 1010 x 10 x 10
MountingM5 (Female), M5 (Male) or adhesiveM5 (Female), M5 (Male) or adhesiveM5 (Female), M5 (Male) or adhesiveM3 (Female) or AdhesiveM3 (Female) or AdhesiveM3 (Female) or Adhesive
Spec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec Sheet
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Small IEPE Accelerometers Portfolio – Part II

Sensitivity (±10%) mV/g10101010
Measuring Range g pk±500±500±500±500
Resolution mg rms10101010
Frequency Range (±5%) Hz1-10K1-10K1-10K1-10K
Frequency Range (±10%) Hz0.5-12K0.5-12K0.5-12K0.5-12K
Resonant Frequency kHz45454545
Temperature Range °C-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121
Sensing ElementCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/Shear
Output ConnectorM5/5-44 TopIntegral CableM3/5-44 SideIntegral Cable
Housing MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Weight g5555
Size mmՓ8 x 14.5Փ8 x 14.59 x 13.5 x 13.59 x 13.5 x 13.5
MountingM3 (Female) or M3 (Male)M3 (Female) or M3 (Male)M3 (Female) or M3 (Male)M3 (Female) or M3 (Male)
Spec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec Sheet
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