Miniature IEPE Triaxial Accelerometers

Our piezoelectric miniature IEPE Triaxial accelerometers are versatile and light weight.  Used in a wide range of industries and applications were measurement of acceleration and vibration is essential for safety, performance, and analysis purposes.

Applications of use include shock and vibration monitoring and analysis. Such as Structural Health Monitoring of Civil Engineering structures ie. Bridges, dams, Vibration measurement of Aircraft and Spacecraft; Industrial and Environmental Vibration Monitoring.

The Metromatics Series MM141A are Miniature IEPE Triaxial Accelerometers.  Thereby, measuring acceleration, vibration or motion simultaneously along the three axis.

How they operate:

Firstly, in a triaxial accelerometer, there are three such piezoelectric setups, each oriented along one of the three orthogonal axes (X, Y, Z).  However, at the core of each axis sensor is the piezoelectric sensor.  The sensing element in them generates a charge that is proportional in response to acceleration or vibration.

Secondly, the built-in electronics converts the high impedance charge signal generated by the piezoelectric element into a low impedance voltage signal. Once signal conversion is complete, signals move to data acquisition systems for further analysis.

Advantages of Miniature IEPE Triaxial Accelerometers include

Small Size:

Firstly, their compact size makes them suitable for applications where space is limited.  Therefore, they can be easily integrated into systems without adding significant bulk or weight.

Multi-Axis Measurement:

Triaxial accelerometers measure acceleration in three orthogonal axes simultaneously (X, Y, and Z).  Therefore, providing comprehensive information about motion and vibration in multiple directions. In addition, this is useful in applications where movement occurs in three-dimensional space.

High Sensitivity:

The MM141A Series offers models with a sensitivity range of 10 up to 500 mV/g. Therefore, allowing customers to choose the right accelerometer to pick up subtle accelerations for their applications.

Durable Construction:

Secondly, being made from welded stainless steel, these accelerometers are typically robust and resistant to corrosion.  Therefore, making them suitable for use in harsh and demanding environments.

Wide Operating Temperature Range:

With an operating temperature range of -40 to 121°C, these accelerometers can function in extreme temperature conditions.  In addition, making them suitable for both hot and cold environments.


IEPE accelerometers are known for their reliability and stability over time.  So that measurements remain accurate and consistent over extended periods.

Fast Response:

The resonant frequency range of models is from 15 to 30 kHz.  So that accelerometers can respond quickly to rapid changes in acceleration, making them suitable for dynamic applications.


Their relatively low weight, ranging from 8.5 to 35 grams, is advantageous in applications where minimising added mass is important.  For example, in aerospace or automotive testing.


Many miniature triaxial IEPE accelerometers are designed to be compatible with standard signal conditioning and data acquisition equipment.  Therefore, simplifying integration into existing measurement systems.

Finally, to learn more about our Miniature IEPE Triaxial Accelerometers, consult the table below or contact us.

Miniature IEPE Triaxial General Purpose Accelerometers Portfolio – Part I

Sensitivity (±10%) mV/g102050100200500
Measuring Range g pk±500±250±100±50±25±10
Resolution mg rms106210.50.2
Frequency Range (±5%) Hz2-4K2-4K2-4K1-4K1-1.5K1-1.5K
Frequency Range (±10%) Hz1-5K1-5K1-5K0.5-5K0.5-2K0.5-2K
Resonant Frequency kHz303025252015
Temperature Range °C-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121
Sensing ElementCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/Shear
Output Connector1/4-28 4 Pin1/4-28 4 Pin1/4-28 4 Pin1/4-28 4 Pin1/4-28 4 Pin1/4-28 4 Pin
Housing MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Weight g8.58.519.519.53535
Size mm10.5 x 10.5 x 10.510.5 x 10.5 x 10.514 x 14 x 1414 x 14 x 1418 x 18 x 1818 x 18 x 18
MountingAdhesiveAdhesiveM5 (Female)M5 (Female)M5 (Female)M5 (Female)
Spec SheetSpec SheetsSpec SheetsSpec SheetsSpec SheetsSpec SheetsSpec Sheets
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