Metromatics offer a large and innovative range of Rugged LCD Displays for the Defence Industry.

Features include

  • Sunlight Readability.
  • NVG Compatibility.
  • Rugged AR Touch Screen.
  • Video Inputs.
  • Bezel Keys.
  • Cold Start.
  • Various sizes & configurations.


Firstly, Metromatics own MetroSpec 42″ LFD LCD Displays were the first of their kind to receive a “Class A” Category Rating.  Because they were built and tested to meet particular Military Standards for a retrofit for a Shipborne Defence Project.

Metromatics distribute the Argon Corporation’s Rugged Display Monitors in Australia and New Zealand.

Argon specialises in Rugged LCD Displays for the Defence Forces and currently their products can be found in Military – sea, air and land platforms world wide.  Plus Argon also customises their products to meet the expectations of their customers.

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