4 Channel Summing Junction Box – IAC200

The IAC200 is a 2–4 Channel Summing Junction Box and uses one display with multiple sensors, where the output is a sum. The IAC200 features dip switch selectable channels (2 to 4), a UV Stable 94V-2 Polycarbonate Enclosure, and weighs only 416g.

The 4 channel junction box is also available with built-in amplifier for VDC or 4-20 mA output.

The FUTEK IAC200 is 2-4 Channel Summing Junction Box and provides a sum as the output.

Firstly, it is IP65/NEMA 4 Rated housing and features 2 to 4 DIP Switch selectable channels.

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Other outstanding features includes:

  • Excitation – mV/V Version: system not to exceed 24VDC – VDC, mA Version: 14-26VDC
  • DIP Switch Selectable Channels (2-4)
  • Individual Span Adjustment for all 4 channels 350 Ohm Bridge – 13% 700 Ohm bridge – 24% 1000 Ohm bridge – 31%
  • Easy access screw terminal blocks
  • Cable strain relief to support cables from 2.0mm to 6.35mm
  • Dual Mounting Holes
  • IP65/NEMA 4 x Rated housing using UV Stable 94V-2 Polycarbonate Material


2-4 Channel Summing Junction Box IAC200



Output TypeInput TypeMounting TypeHeight in cmLength in cmWidth in cm

IP Rating


mA, VDCmV/VFlange5.08 cm17.15 cm12.70 cmIP65
FSH02126 mV/VFlange5.08 cm17.15 cm12.70 cm




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