Accelerometers – Piezo or DC

Dytran offer a range of Piezoelectric and DC Reponse Accelerometers products such as:

Industrial, Triaxial, Low Bias, Shock, Airborn, Miniature, High Precision MEMS, General Purpose, Moisture resistant, Cryogenic, and High Temperature Triaxial Accelerometers.

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Dytran Instruments manufactures two types of accelerometers: Piezo electric and DC Mems which are used to measure vibration, structural monitoring, testing and control in numerous industrial applications.

Features of the Dytran Accelerometers include

1mV/g up to 500mV/g sensitivity; 50 to 5000 g range; operating temperature from -51⁰C to 120⁰C; adhesive mounts, 10-32 tapped hole; stud mount, radial connectors and some suitable for TEDS Operate.

Model Types

Models they come are IEPE Force Sensor, Triaxial Accelerometer, Miniature Sensor, Cryogenic Accelerometer, General Purpose Sensor, High Temperature Charge Module Sensor, and Reference Accelerometer

  • Drop Testing
  • Far field blast testing
  • Pyrotechnic testing
  • Shock testing
  • Environmental Test Lab
  • Automotive Test & NVH
  • Modal and Structural Analysis
  • HUMS & CBM
  • Flight Test
  • Airbag & Crash Testing, Robotics & Seismic – DC MEMS
  • Turbine Engine
  • Space Vehicle
  • Extreme Environments
  • Industrial Condition Based Maintenance
Some recent models that have been released include the below
7576A Vibration Accelerometer7705A1 Extended Low Frequency Accelerometer3220C1 High Temperature Accelerometer
vibration accelerometerAccelerometer SensorHigh temperature accelerometer
3205M1 Miniature Accelerometer7503D VC MEMS Accelerometer3525A3 High Temperature IEPE Accelerometer
miniature accelerometertriaxial accelerometerhigh temperature iepe accelerometer
3168D2 Single Axis, Filtered, IEPE Accelerometer3583 Triaxial AccelerometersAll other Dytran Accelerometers
filtered iepe accelerometertriaxial accelerometer
3603AXT Triaxial IEPE AccelerometersTriaxial IEPE Accelerometers

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