Analog Voltage Amplifier Digitally Configured IAA105

The FUTEK IAA105 Analog Voltage Amplifier represents a remarkable advancement in precision measurement technology. As a state-of-the-art, digitally configurable device, it offers unparalleled flexibility and accuracy in sensor readings. Equipped with Bluetooth® and USB connectivity for effortless configuration and calibration, this amplifier is ideally suited for a wide array of applications.

The FUTEK IAA105 is an Analog Voltage Amplifier which is digitally configurable with Bluetooth® and USB connectivity.  Therefore, allowing easy configuration and calibration to take your sensor performance to new heights.

Key Features of the Analog Voltage Amplifier IAA105

Ultra-Low Noise: Experience the pinnacle of precision with an unrivalled noise level of just 2.8 mVp-p, ensuring the clearest signal for your measurements.

Digital Configuration: Effortlessly adjust settings via Bluetooth® or USB, offering unparalleled ease of use and adaptability.

Versatile Power Options: Operate with a wide range of power sources from 5 to 30 VDC or conveniently through USB.


Breakthrough in Sensor Electronics

The IAA105 stands out as a ground breaking amplifier.  Therefore, setting new standards in sensor electronics with its fully digitally configurable capabilities. This high-accuracy device not only simplifies setup but also guarantees exceptional reliability and robustness through its built-in active protection.

Lowest Noise in High Precision Analog Solutions

In addition, thanks to its advanced features, the IAA105 boasts the lowest noise level among FUTEK’s high-precision analog solutions.  Therefore, pushing any sensor’s performance to its maximum potential.

Calibration and Setup Simplified

No manual process needed! Fully digitally controlled, the IAA105’s calibration is performed through the SENSIT® Lite app. Furthermore, allowing you to adjust gain, bridge excitation, output range, bandwidth, and shunt with ease. Plus, enable/disable features and restore data as per your requirements.

Wireless and USB Configuration

Configure, calibrate, and perform health checks wirelessly via Bluetooth® or through USB – which also powers the device, adding another layer of convenience.

Unparalleled Flexibility and Ease

With adjustable excitation and variable gain features, the IAA105 pairs seamlessly with numerous strain gauge-based sensors. Calibrate up to ±10 VDC for any desired offset and span values, accommodating a wide range of voltage ranges.

Unprecedented Versatility

The IAA105 integrates effortlessly with most PLC, DAQ, and microcontrollers, thanks to its unique span and offset configuration flexibility, USB power option, and wide voltage range support. Choose from multiple shunt values and bandwidth stages for tailored performance.

Innovative Design for Precise Calibration

Achieve exceptionally precise system calibration with the IAA105’s innovative design, allowing for fine adjustments down to 300μV.

Hot Swap Capability

Hot swap with ease, offering protection and functionality for applications where power cannot be turned off.

Built-In Active Protection

On-board active protection circuitry safeguards against ESD over current/voltage events, with constant monitoring to prevent system damage.

Ultra-Low Noise and Active Temperature Protection

Benefit from the amplifier’s low noise level and non-linearity, along with built-in fault detection and temperature monitoring to ensure optimal performance within its operating range.

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IAA105 Digitally Configurable Analog Voltage Amplifier