Ethernet Gateway 4

The Ethernet Gateway allows your Monnit Wireless Sensors to communicate with the iMonnit Online Wireless Sensor Monitoring and notification system without the need for PC.

Simply attach to power and plug the gateway into an open Ethernet port with an internet connection. It will automatically connect with Monnit’s online servers.

Firstly, the Ethernet Gateway 4 enables the connection to the iMonnit Online Software.

There is a power over ethernet option which features modified gateway hardware. Allowing it to be powered through the Ethernet Port. However, it does not include a PoE Power Injector.

Ethernet Gateway 4 features include:

  • Updated Modbus TCP-IP and SNMP to support new sensor profiles
  • Internet MIB is implemented on the gateway for industry tools to auto discover the gateway and understand its features
  • Enhanced SNMP walk to only show data for valid OIDs (sensor data that exists in the system)
  • SNMP interface in addition to integers, the gateway has additional OIDs to present the same data in HEX and string (human-readable) format.



Please note if you plan on using an alternative interface to the sensors other than iMonnit. Such as Modbus TCP, SNMP, the direct push of data from gateway to on-premise or 3rd party server, the purchase of an unlock code will allow free roaming of the data from the hardware.


Finally, for more information, contact us. or download a spec sheet from here.


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Ethernet Gateway 4