On Premise Enterprise Data Management

The On Premise Enterprise Data Management is Monnit’s enterprise level software. It is used by large firms to configure and manage expansive sensor networks. It contains data hosting and management. On Premise is ideal for those with sensitive data and usage requirements.

Firstly, On Premise Enterprise Data Management is available for large organisations with specific data/usage requirements. It contains the same feature set as iMonnit Premier online. However, it allows the company to host and maintain their own sensor data.

Please note for gateways to be programmed for communication with your iMonnit Enterprise Installation Location, the gateways need to be unlocked. Purchase unlock gateway codes here Monnit Wireless Gateway Unlock | Easy Remote Monitoring

iMonnit Enterprise Features

  • Installed on your company’s computer servers*
  • Includes notification via SMS text and email (requires SMTP server)
  • Export sensor data to CSV format


Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows Server ®, 2 GB RAM, 2.0GHz Processor, ASP.NET Framework v4.5
  • Web Server, IIS 7, ASP.Net MVC Framework v4.0
  • SQL Server ® 2008 or Newer (Database Server)


License Pricing (USD)

  • 250 wireless sensors – $599*
  • 1,000 wireless sensors – $2,350*
  •  up to 2,000 wireless sensors – $4,495*
  • License for using up to 5,000 wireless sensors – $9,950*

License for using Unlimited wireless sensors – Please Call *A maintenance fee of 20% can be paid annually for new updates.


Finally, for more information, contact us.


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