Parallelogram Load Cell – LSM305

The LSM305 is a precise and lightweight OEM Parallelogram load cell with integrated TEDS and PT-1000 RTD providing precise temperature data.  It is perfect for OEM applications such high volume continuous usage and typical applications including bottle filling, syringe calibration and industrial measurements which require measurements in both tension and compression.

The OEM load cell has a length of 4.73cm, width of 3.26 cm and height of 1.27 cm, making it ideal for tight spaces. Inbuilt overload protection of 10 times the capacity and weighing only 28 grams.

The FUTEK LSM305 Parallelogram Load Cell is manufactured from lightweight aerospace grade aluminium alloy AL2024-T4. This provides high strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.  Allowing it to operate in a temperature range -25° to 85°C.

Firstly, it offers two mounting provisions.  Side mount at one end and a single point mount in the centre of the unit.  Providing easy and flexible integration.  The unit’s JST 8 position connector is attached to the side of the sensor.  Therefore, this allows direct purchasing of mating connectors and reduces the cost of adding a connector to the end of the cables or having to solder conductor wires to electronic boards.  Also a damaged sensor cable can simply be replaced without having to disassemble the sensor or other system components.

Secondly, FUTEK eliminates incorrect sensor scaling by equipping the LSM305 models with an integrated IEEE 1451.4 TEDS chips as a standard feature.  Therefore, reducing setup errors as the TEDS chip contains information about the sensor, its sensitivity and reference excitation range.

Finally, the material and design of the LSM305  provides the lowest nonlinearity (0.02%) and non repeatability (0.02%) offered by any FUTEK Sensor.  The parallelogram structure allows the beam design to covert the load into high strain.  Which is monitored by the metal foil strain gauge.

This product is designed for high volume, high accuracy measurements.  Applications apply to a wide variety of markets from syringe calibration, wire bond testing (micro-electronics), medical tablet or pill weighing and capsule filling, food processing, batching systems, small scales, check weighing systems, batching scales, counting scales and mass flow meters.

Features include:

  • High Volume OEM Embedded Applications
  • Built in Robust overload protection
  • Exceptional Nonlinearity and Non-repeatability
  • Integrated IEEE 1451.4 TEDs Auto recognition
  • On Board PT-1000 RTD Temperature Sensor


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LSM305 Parallelogram Load Cell


Load CapacityThread sizeHeight in cm.Length in cm.Width in cm.Output Type



9.786N#10-323.30 cm4.72 cm1.27 cmmV/V, RTDOverload Protection, ROHS, TEDS
FSH0452022.2411N#10-323.30 cm4.72 cm1.27 cmmV/V, RTD

Overload Protection, ROHS, TEDS


44.4822N#10-323.30 cm4.72 cm1.27 cmmV/V, RTDOverload Protection, ROHS, TEDS
FSH04522111.206N#10-323.30 cm4.72 cm1.27 cmmV/V, RTD

Overload Protection, ROHS, TEDS


222.411N#10-323.30 cm4.72 cm1.27 cmmV/V, RTDOverload Protection, ROHS, TEDS
FSH04524444.822N#10-323.30 cm4.72 cm1.27 cmmV/V, RTD

Overload Protection, ROHS, TEDS


889.644N#10-323.30 cm4.72 cm1.27 cmmV/V, RTDOverload Protection, ROHS, TEDS


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