Rugged Displays, Workstations, Printers & Keyboards

Through our superior suppliers, Metromatics is able to offer a range of premium Rugged Peripheral Devices to our customers.  Defence and Industrial applications today demand reliable rugged computing solutions to operate in extreme environments.  These Rugged Peripheral Devices include Rugged Displays, Rugged Tablets, Rugged Workstations, Rugged Printers, Rugged Keyboards, Keypads and pointing devices.

Metromatics provides local customer and technical support.  See below; for product information.


Our portfolio of Rugged Peripheral Suppliers consists of:

Argon Corp: Argon Display Solutions are on Military air, sea and land platforms world-wide.  They deliver innovative, rugged, reliable MIL-SPEC Displays & Monitors, Workstations and Laptops for Industry and Defence.

MetroSpec: The MetroSpec Range of products is manufactured by Metromatics.  The 12.1” Industrial Panel PC is an embedded computer contained in a rugged aluminium/stainless marine grade case that is IP66 Rated.

Crystal Group: Crystal Group Workstations provide a robust, high performance computer processing in a compact, rugged package designed to meet strict, weight and power (SWaP) requirements and to withstand harsh environments, including temperature extremes, shock/vibe, sand/dust and salt/fog.

NIS: A family of inkjet and laser printers are manufactured by NIS. They are available in support of highly rugged and MIL-grade applications, and are used in a wide variety of industrial applications to include ground mobile vehicles, portable shelters and on flight vehicles. These applications require high availability and must overcome challenging environmental conditions.

Ruggon:  Ruggon develops rugged tablets, vehicle mount computers, monitors and Military Panel PC’s used in Defence applications such as Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Public Safety applications such as Command and Control in Fire Departments and Traffic Enforcement.

Cortron: Cortron develops rugged keyboards, keypads and pointing devices for the market.  From industrial and military keyboards to aerospace and maritime. Cortron products are built to withstand the toughest conditions and work every time.

Many of our suppliers are willing to customise their products, to meet your exact requirements.

Solve your rugged peripherals applications with one of our solutions, today.

View the Rugged Displays, Displays, Workstations, Printers and Keyboards below or contact us.

Rugged Displays

Rugged TabletsIndustrial LCD DisplayRugged Display Monitors
Rugged Tablets for Defence & IndustryIndustrial Panel PC – MetroSpec

Rugged Display Monitors for Defence & Industry

Military Panel PCRugged Android Tablet Model SOL PA50110.4 Inch Vehicle Mount Computer

Military Panel PC

Rugged Tablet for Defence, Public Service & Industry Mobile Computers – Vehicle Mount Computers and Mobile Data Terminals
11.6 Inch Rugged Display Monitor

Rugged Display Monitor for Mobile Applications

Rugged Servers

Rugged Workstations

Ruggedized Servers – Crystal Group

Rugged Printers & Keyboards/Keypads

Rugged Printers for DefenceRuggedized keyboardsRugged keypads

Rugged Printers

Ruggedized Keyboards

Rugged Keypads


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