Rugged Keypads

Cortron Rugged Keypads are designed for high reliability, harsh environment applications where failure is not an option. They can be configured to be part of an installation or stand alone in their own mounting enclosure. Like the Cortron Rugged Keyboards they provide optimal high speed data entry and are rugged enough to survive dust, chemicals, water, beverages and other elements. Available with or without point devices.

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Cortron Rugged Keypads

Cortron Rugged Keypads are available to meet a variety of applications. Keypads, whilst typically are provided in its own mounting enclosure. They also can be combined with pointing devices or rugged keyboards.

Rugged KeypadRugged Keypad Rugged Keypad

  1. Standard and custom enclosures, cables and connectors
  2. USB and PS2 interfaces
  3. Various pointing devices
  4. Internal USB hubs
  5. Custom legends and backlighting

Above all Cortron rugged grade keypads meet a number of Military Standards. Such as MIL-STD-810 Environmental, UL & CE standards, and can be configured for MIL-STD-901D Shock and MIL-HDBK– as well as other industry standards.

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