TTL Level Digital IO AP471

The AP471 is an AcroPack® Module that provides 48 general purpose bidirectional I/O points to monitor and control a large quantity of digital devices. Also is based on a PCIe bus interface and has an extended temperature range of -40 to 85°C to provide more flexibility.

AcroPack® Modules are ideally used by Defence, Aerospace, Automation, Scientific and Research Lab Industries.

The AP471 is a TTL Level Digital IO with 48 bidirectional channels.

Firstly, the AP471 is based on the Acromag AcroPack® product line, which has a PCIe interface format. AcroPack® offers products in a compact size, at a low cost with the same functionality and memory map of existing Industry Pack Modules in a rugged form factor. Also they are RoHS compliant.

Secondly, the module provides 48 general purpose bidirectional IO points. Also, each channel has interrupt capability. This allows it to detect low to high or high to low transitions. Plus the paired channels are used to support change of state. Debounce eliminates interrupts from noise and switching transients for error free edge detection. All the AP471 outputs are full featured and provide closed loop readback status monitoring.

The TTL level thresholds and 15mA sink capability allow direct interface to standard relay racks. However, for safety the outputs go to a failsafe state upon powerup/reset. Therefore, no instananeous toggling to prevent false alarms.

Finally, the AP471 modules are 70mm long and only 19.05mm longer than a full length mini PCIe card. It is the same width as the mPCIe board and a down facing 100 pin Samtec connector will mate with the carrier card.

Features of AP471 TTL Level Digital IO includes:

  • PCI Express Generation 1 interface
  • 48 bidirectional input/output channels
  • Mix and match countless I/O combinations in a single slot.
  • Sample software and diagnostics
  • TTL-compatible inputs
  • CMOS-compatible open-drain outputs
  • Also Interrupt support for each channel
  • Input debounce
  • Electronic overvoltage protection on individual channels
  • Open drain outputs
  • Output readback registers – Output readback capability eliminates the need for additional input channels to verify the output channel state
  • Output channels do not “glitch” after a power-up/reset to eliminate false alarms
  • As well as solid-down connector I/O interface
  • Wide temperature range
  • VPX and PCIe carriers
  • Linux®, Windows®, and VxWorks® support


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