USB Strain Gauge Amplifier IDA100

The IDA100 is a digitally configurable amplifier with USB output (USB strain amplifier) and enables both an amplified analog and digital output, suitable for digital load cells applications. The dual output is powered solely by the 5V output from the USB.

This device also has a software selectable ±5V and ±10V analog output with a low noise value of 12 mVp-p (millivolt peak-to-peak) and a bandwidth of 1 kHz. Ideal as a Load Cell Amplifier for PLC.

The FUTEK IDA100 is a USB Strain Gauge Amplifier with Digital and Analog Outputs.

Firstly, the function of a load cell amplifier circuit is to capture the signal from the load cell or torque sensor. Then convert it into a higher level electrical signal. However, to do so the mV/V signal output goes through four different signal conditioning steps.

1. Excitation Voltage: Full bridge load cells or torque sensors require an excitation voltage. This is from the Wheatstone bridge amplifier. Which feeds the strain gage Wheatstone bridge and generates an output signal as a ratio of the input excitation voltage.

2. Filtering: Noise needs to be filtered out before an accurate signal can be captured. This is because analog sensor signals are susceptible to electrical noise and ripple voltage which skews measurements.

3. Amplification: A Data Acquisition system or PLC is limited to measuring volts. So there is a need for a strain gage amplifier to converter millivolts to a larger signal.

4. Signal Conversion: Most full bridge load cells and force measurement sensors generate an analog output in millivolts (mV/V). However, PLC or Data Acquisition Systems requires amplified analog such as 4-20mA, 0-10VDC. Or possibly a Digital Output such as USB, SPI.

Therefore, the load cell or torque sensor needs a strain gage signal conditioner to convert the mV/V signal to the required signal output.

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Other outstanding features include:

  • USB 2.0 Communication Link – Digital Load Cell Amplifier
  • USB Bus-Powered (5V)
  • Input/Output Short circuit protection
  • Long noise analog output value of 12 mVp-p
  • User selectable sampling rates from 5-4800 SPS
  • Software selectable excitation voltages of 5 VDC and 10 VDC
  • 35mm DIN Rail Clip


USB Strain Gauge Amplifier with Digital and Analog Outputs IDA100



Output TypeInput TypeMounting TypeHeight in cmLength in cmWidth in cm

IP Rating


Display, USB VDCmV/VDin Rail Inline9 cm8.43 cm3.28 cmIP20
QSH01779Display, USB VDCmV/VDin Rail Inline9 cm8.43 cm3.28 cm




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