Wireless Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensors

If Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels rise within facilities. People may feel fatigue or exposure, and this may trigger nausea and or vomiting.  Wireless CO2 sensors are the solution.  They monitor CO2 levels and if the levels exceed the preset limits, designated staff are alerted via text and or email about the issue.

Monnit’s Wireless Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensors provide insights into facility ventilation quality and HVAC calibration. Greenhouses and modern grow spaces also rely on CO2 sensor data to optimise crop growth.

Firstly, if levels surpass pre-set limits. Designated personnel are alerted via text, email or by phone call.

Secondly, these sensors are a 15-minute installation. Available in one model – enterprise AA battery charged sensor.

Managing sensors and their gateways has never been easier with the iMonnit Colour Sensor Management Software. There are several different subscriptions available. From basic to premier enabling the monitoring and management of up to 99 sensors.

Sensor highlights include

  • Measures 0–10000 ppm
  • AA-battery powered (10+ year battery life)
  • Instantaneous CO2 readings & 8-hour, time-weighted average readings
  • Options: on/off switch or line-power with battery backup and on/off switch

Applications include:

  • Land fill gases
  • Indoor air quality
  • Marine vessels
  • Greenhouses & grow houses
  • Ventilation Management

Finally, more information, contact us.

Wireless Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensors

Wireless Carbon Dioxide CO2 Sensors
Enterprise Wireless

  • Battery Powered AA
  • Up to 10 years battery life



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