Wireless Detect Plus Sensor

The Wireless Detect Plus Sensor has a wall or surface mountable probe at the end of a 3 Metre lead. Used in sanitation or process applications to detect levels in water tanks and other vats with non combustible liquids.

Monnit Wireless Detect Plus Sensor has a probe capped 3 Metre lead.

Firstly, the presence water, the probe’s electrical circuit closes which will instantly send an alert to users via text, e-mail or call for correction. This probe assists in minimising false alarms when mounted to compensate for expected variable eg. condensation.

Secondly, these sensors are a 15 minute installation. Available in three models – Power of Ethernet, Enterprise AA Battery and a weather resistant industrial grade sensor versions. Available with 3M, 7.62M, 15.24M & 30.48M lead lengths expand usage.

Applications include:

  • Data or Server Room Leakage
  • Frozen or burst pipe monitoring
  • Water tank leakage
  • Sink & Toilet Leak detection
  • Storage unit monitoring
  • Water intrusion monitoring

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Wireless Detect Plus Sensor

Wireless Water Detection Plus Enterprise
Enterprise Wireless

  • Battery Powered AA
  • Up to 10 years battery life


Wireless Detect Plus Sensor
Industrial Wireless

  • Industrial Battery
  • Up to 7 years battery life


Water detection plus poe
Power over Ethernet Sensor PoE-X

  • PoE Powered
  • Line Power Optional



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water detect plus

water detect plus poe