Wireless Dry Contact Sensor

The Wireless Dry Contact Sensor is used to detect if contact is made, or broken between two wired points. This sensor data paints a picture of device or system performance or facility usage.

Monnit Wireless Dry Contact Sensor remotely detects contact between two wired points.

Firstly, should these measurements move outside the user set limits, the meters alert designated users via text, e-mail or call for correction. This product is easy to install.

Within 15 minutes the sensor can be mounted and wired to two end points (such as existing switches or contact plates). Alerts can be set if contact is broken (indicating points are no longer touching) or if the two points make contact when they shouldn’t be.

Applications include:

  • Tamper Switches
  • Door Access
  • Monitoring Freezer/Cooler Door
  • Access Grocery Store cooler doors
  • Forklift Seat Switches
  • Actuation Counting


WARNING: Use caution when interfacing to ALTA Dry Contact Sensors. Any external AC or DC Voltages WILL DAMAGE the electronics of the wireless sensor. Monnit & Metromatics is not responsible for troubleshooting, replacing or reimbursing damages incurred by disregarding this warning.

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Wireless Dry Contact Sensor

Wireless Dry Contact SensorEnterprise Wireless


  • Battery Powered AA
  • Up to 10 years battery life




Dry Contact Sensor IndustrialIndustrial Wireless


  • Industrial Battery
  • Up to 7 years battery life




Dry Contact Sensor PoEPower over Ethernet Sensor PoE-X


  • PoE Powered
  • Line Power Optional




Dry Contact Sensor WiFiWiFi Sensor -MoWi


  • Ideal for small companies
  • Use your existing WiFi


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Dry Contact Sensor

dry contact sensor poe

Dry contact sensor mowi