Wireless Food Probe Thermometer

Wireless Food Probe Thermometer was created for the fast food industry. This 21 CFR Part 11B compliant wireless probe replaces manual temperature checks for greater food safety and quality. Measures the internal temperature of food from -50°C to 260°C.

Monnit Wireless Food Probe Thermometer measures the internal temperature of food. It displays the temperature onto the LCD. Data is automatically transmitted to iMonnit Software for compliance and analysis.

Firstly, the food probe provides temperature data with an industry leading data transmission range of 365 Metres. It is compatible with Monnit SensorPrints which authenticates data by fingerprinting sensors with identity. Secondly, it is a 21 CFR part 11B compliant device. It helps producers and restaurants align with the FDA Food Modernisation Act and fortify HACCP programs.

Applications include:

  • Oven and Cooking Device Monitoring
  • Food Temperature Monitoring
  • Automate Data Logging
  • CFR21 Compliance


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Wireless Food Probe Thermometer

Wireless Food Probe Sensor
Curved Probe Handle

  • Optional T Handle Probe Handle Available
  • 1+ year battery life on 3 AAA batteries



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Food Probe Sensor