2 Battery Lead Acid Battery Pack ACG1252XRBP(2)

This 2U External Lead Acid Battery Pack features 2 batteries and is designed to operate with the Acumentrics Model 1252 Rugged UPS System. It is low maintenance, non-spillable and contains a low self discharge for up to six months without significant state of charge loss.

It incorporates a unique Absorbent Glass Mat technology that effectively recombines over 99% of the gas generated during normal usage.

The Acumentrics ACG1252XRBP(1) is a 2U External Lead Acid Battery Pack with 1 Battery. It is designed for the Acumentrics Rugged Model 1252 UPS Systems.

Firstly, it is low maintenance. No need to check specific gravity or replace or top off water. All that is required is a charge every six months to preserve battery life.

Secondly, the modules of the lead acid battery are sealed. This eliminates electrolyte leakage from the terminals or case. Therefore, providing safe, efficient operation in any orientation.

The battery also has a low self discharge rate when stored in ambient temperatures of 20-25°C, of less than 3% per month. For more information, contact us.

Finally, other features of the 2 Battery Lead Acid Battery Pack ACG1252XRBP(2) include:

  • Operates in any orientation other than inverted
  • Efficient gas recombination
  • Can be used in a broad range of hot and cold weather operation
  • Excellent charge acceptance and recovery capability even after deep discharge


Model ACG1252XRBP(2)
Run Time 336Wh 18 Minutes @ 1kW
Recharge 4 hours to 90%
Rack Unit 2U
Chassis Size 8.89 cm H x 43.18 cm W x 53.34 cm D
Case Aluminium
Weight 20.87 Kg Battery Weight
Operating Temperature -18 to 50°C
Standards MIL-STD-461-F; MIL-STD-810-G
Battery Specifications – Hot Swappable Internal LAB Battery Packs
Average Nominal Voltage 24 VDC
Nominal Capacity 7 Ah per Battery
Discharge Peak Rate 65 A


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