Advanced Vibration Meter

The Wireless Advanced Vibration Meter measures oscillation on 3 axes to capture vibration frequency, velocity, displacement & acceleration.

Used for measuring seismic impact on bridges and buildings. As well as monitoring high RPM machines.

Monnit Wireless Advanced Vibration Meter also reports duty cycle and temperature. Therefore, helping to protect vital assets and perform end of life analysis. It has been recognised to increase industrial safety and efficiency.

Firstly, should measurements from monitoring move outside the user set limits, the meters alert designated users via text, e-mail or call for correction.

This product is easy to install. It has a configurable frequency measurement range from 0.4 Hz – 4,800 Hz (24 RPM – 288,000 RPM) to track a subtly swaying bridge or high RPM machinery. Available as enterprise ready model with 3M cable or an industrial grade model.

Applications include:

  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Bearing Monitoring
  • Motor Monitoring
  • Bridge Monitoring
  • Assembly Line Monitoring
  • Vibration Metering

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Advanced Vibration Meter

Advanced Vibration Meter Enterprise Model

Enterprise Wireless

  • Battery Powered AA
  • Up to 10 years battery life


Industrial Advanced Vibration meter
Industrial Wireless

  • Industrial Battery
  • Up to 7 years battery life



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advanced vibration meter