Analog I/O Modules

Today’s Defence and Industrial Applications require COTS Analog I/O Modules that are able to convert an analog signal to a digital signal at a high speed and resolution. Whilst offering flexibility and high channel density for space saving channel combinations.

Acromag’s Analog I/O Modules deliver this and more. Acromag’s modules are available in the following form factors such as PMC, PCI, IndustryPack, and CompactPCI.

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Acromag’s COTS Analog I/O Modules are high speed, high resolution and feature rich.

Another alternative – is the Acromag AcroPack Product line. Acromag has updated their popular Industry Pack I/O Modules by using a mPCIe interface format. They added 19mm and a 100 pin connector to provide up to 50 isolated rear I/O signals. This is a super small foot print without cabling.

Learn more about the models below or contact us.

PMC Analog I/O ModulesPCI Analog I/O ModulesIndustry Pack Analog I/O Modules
PMC Analog I/O ModulePCI Analog I/O ModuleIndustry Pack Analog I/O Module
Acromag’s PMC Modules are ideal for COTS and Industrial projects.

PMC Analog I/O Boards perform high speed and high resolution A/D and D/A Conversion.

Acromag’s PCI Input Modules are high speed and high resolution for A/D Conversion.

PCI Analog Input Boards have many features to improve your overall system throughput rate.

Acromag’s Industry Pack Modules deliver maximum I/O density when used with IP Carrier Cards.

Industry Pack Analog I/O Boards offer the flexibility of high channel density for custom saving space combinations.

PMC200 Series – PMC Analog Output Modules

PMC300 Series – PMC Analog Input Modules

APC300 Series – PCI Analog Input Board

IP200 Series – Industry Pack Analog Output Modules

IP300 Series – Industry Pack Analog Input Modules

CompactPCI Analog Input / Output Modules
CompactPCI Analog I/O Module
Acromag’s CompactPCI Input Modules are ideal for Defence and Industrial projects.

CompactPCI Analog Input Boards perform high speed and high resolution A/D Conversion.

AcPC300 Series – CompactPCI Analog Input Boards


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