Current Source Power PCB 4007

Model 4007 is packaged on a single printed circuit board intended for installation in OEM applications. This unit may be used to power up to four IEPE transducers. The output DC levels are proportional to the RMS amplitudes of the transducers signals.

The Dytran Model 4007 is a current source power output PCB.

Firstly, the excitation current is factory set to 2.5mA. However, it may be reset from 2.5 to 6mA by a potentiometer on each channel. Also signal amplitudes up to 2V RMS are converted to a DC level between 1 and 5 VDC with a true RMS conversion circuit.

Secondly, each channel has a LED indicate current and current for each channel can be turned off by a switch. An input sensing circuit on channel 1 provides logic output for an open or short condition at the input. As well as two switchable low pass filter cutoffs for each channel are 3kHz – Low and 10kHz – High. Other cutoff frequencies can be provided.

Features include:

  • Packaged on PCB for OEM installation applications
  • Powers up to 4 IEPE transducers
  • Output DC levels proportional to RMS amplitudes of transducer signals 2.5 to 6 mA excitation current
  • Two switchable low pass filter cut offs

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Current Source Power PCB 4007

4007Both AC and DC output signals are via the selected low pass filter. The full scale AC output is 2.00 V RMS.,–40 to +85°C Operation


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