Current Source Power Unit 4112B

Model 4112B is a line operated constant current power unit designed to power IEPE sensors.

The Dytran 4112B is a current source power unit.

Firstly, this unit separates the sensor’s dynamic signal from its DC bias voltage. It amplifies the sensor signal by selectable factors of X1, X10 or X100.

Secondly units supply a fixed 4mA of constant current power to the IEPE sensor. If more current is required, it is possible to modify to provide up to 20 mA of sensor drive current. The 230VAC version is Model E4112.

Features include:

  • Separates dynamic signal from DC bias voltage
  • Amplifies sensor signal by selectable factors
  • Designed to power IEPE sensors
  • Possible to modify sensor drive current


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Current Source Power Unit 4112B

4112BGain x1, x10, x100, buffered output, BNC jack input connector, BNC jack output connector


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