Differential Data Transmission I/O Modules IP409

The IP409 contains 24 differential digital I/O channels with interrupts. Interrupt support such as change of state and high- or low-level transition is available on all channels. Each channel is programmable has an input or output in any combination. Plus, each contains RS-485/RS-422 transceivers which support bidirectional data transfer.

This product is used for a range of applications. Typical use is high speed communication across distances of up to 1,219 Metres and in noisy environments.

The Acromag IP409 are Differential Data Transmission I/O Modules.

All channels are programmable as inputs and outputs. Each channel uses a rugged EIA RS-485/422A transceiver that supports bi directional data transfer of data in one direction at a time (half duplex). Differential data transmission is high speed and nullifies the effects of ground shifts and noise signals which appear as common mode voltages on the line.

Features of the Differential Data Transmission I/O Modules IP409 include:

  • 24 digital input and/or output channels
  • Output channels support readback monitoring
  • Socketed termination resistors
  • Ruggedised RS-422A/485 transceivers
  • Interrupt support on all channels
  • Change-of-state High or low level transition
  • Positive and negative current limiting
  • Parallel I/O for up to 24 bits
  • 0 to 70°C (IP409) or -40 to 85°C (IP409E)
  • All channels programmable as inputs or outputs.
  • Differential data transmission is ideal for high-speed, long distance communication in noisy environments.


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