Ethernet Discrete I/O Modules with Counter/Timers 989EN

These modules provide an isolated Ethernet interface for a mix of input/output up to 16 discrete signals. Inputs sense the status of dry contacts, switches, power supplies and DC logic. Choose from the Industrial or Commercial Versions.

The industrial version contains counters whilst the commercial version does not.

The Acromag 989EN are Ethernet Discrete I/O Modules with Counter/Timers.

Firstly, 989EN-4016 is the Industrial grade version. It contains eight 32-bit counters with timers, alarms and non volatile memory. This is used for metering, totalizing and low frequency periodic measurements. The outputs control solid state switching of lamps, horns, and other devices. The 989EN-4C16 is the commercial grade with no counters.

Secondly, the input and output range are 0 to 28V DC. They also require a 18 to 36V DC / 1.33 Watts Power Supply. The Counter/Timers on the Industrial grade units consists of 8 up/down counters at 32-bit, 150Hz max. Plus 8 timers with 16-bit and 1mS resolution. Certification approvals for the industrial product include: CE, UL/cUL Zone 2, Class 1, Division 2, ABCD.

Features of the Ethernet Discrete I/O Modules with Counter/Timers 989EN include:

  • Any mix inputs/outputs with 16 solid state discrete I/O channels
  • 3 way isolation and surge suppression
  • Configuration via web browser Automatic MDI/MDI-X negotiation
  • Inputs accept 2 or 3 wire sensors and active logic switches (dry contacts, prox, namur, 5-28V, DC Logic)
  • Also inputs detect level and change of state
  • 8 configurable counters/timers
  • 0-65 seconds with 1mS resolution programmable debounce
  • As well as programmable power up conditions
  • Over temperature, over current and over voltage output protection
  • Read back output states ability
  • Watchdog timer output configurable for fail safe or hold last value operation
  • Also Self test auto copy functions


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