Fanless Industrial Computer Tensor-I22

The Tensor-I22 is a configurable fanless industrial computer designed for demanding environments. Powered by an Intel® Tiger Lake 11th Generation Core™ processor, it offers robust computing power for AI edge computing, industrial automation, and other specialised applications.

With a comprehensive feature set, including extensive networking, storage, and industrial interfaces, the Tensor-I22 provides seamless integration into various systems, making it a versatile and reliable choice for numerous use cases.

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Compact Design with Powerful Performance

The Tensor-I22 is a configurable fanless industrial computer.  Designed for seamless integration into various demanding environments. Its compact form factor and customisable options make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.  From industrial automation and AI edge computing to retail, media, and more.

High-Performance AI Capabilities

Powered by an Intel® Tiger Lake 11th Generation Core™ processor, the Tensor-I22 offers robust computing power for AI edge computing and computer vision tasks. With support for up to two optional Hailo-8 AI modules, it provides powerful AI processing capabilities, making it an excellent choice for applications such as robotics control and machine learning.

Fanless Industrial Computer Tensor-I22 different variations on top of each other

Comprehensive Connectivity and Storage

The Tensor-I22 offers extensive networking and I/O options, including up to four Gigabit Ethernet ports, up to 12 USB ports (3.1/2.0), and optional Wi-Fi/BT and LTE/5G modem support. The system supports up to three NVMe/SATA storage devices, offering ample capacity for data storage and retrieval.

Modular Customisation

The Tensor-I22 includes several customisation options to enhance its feature set, including:

  • Networking Extensions: Additional Gigabit Ethernet ports, with options for PoE or SFP+ for fibre optics.
  • USB Extensions: Additional four USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 ports.
  • Storage Extensions: Additional NVMe/SATA M.2 Key-M or 2.5” SATA disk options.
  • Industrial Interface Extensions: RS-232, RS-485, CAN bus, or GPIO ports.
  • Wireless Connectivity Extensions: M.2 Key-E for a second Wi-Fi/BT module, M.2 Key-B for a second modem, or mini PCIe.
  • AI Acceleration Modules: M.2 Key-M slot with enhanced heat dissipation for AI acceleration modules.

Durability and Mounting Options

The Tensor-I22 is designed to operate flawlessly in harsh environments.  Therefore, making it a reliable choice for industrial control and automation applications. Its compact design, measuring 200 x 200 x 35 mm, offers flexible mounting options, including side or bottom VESA mounting and DIN rail mounting.

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