Fire Door Rectifier CU11605

The Fire Door Rectifier CU11605 is a control panel dedicated to Fire Door Control. A custom steel enclosure houses the CU11605 measuring 796mm x 480mm x 265mm.  This unit deck mounts, withstands shock levels of up to 30g and has an IP23 Ingress Protection level.  As a result it’s perfect for rugged environments and naval defence applications.

The Fire Door Rectifier CU11605 is a control panel dedicated to Fire Door Control.  The ship’s integral Transformer Rectifier Unit powers this control panel.  A custom steel enclosure houses the CU11605.  It measures 796mm x 480mm x 265mm and deck mounts with top steadies.  In addition to this, this unit withstands shock levels up to 30g.  Its Ingress protection levels is IP23.

Access for maintenance and repair is through the front door. The door contains indicating lamps and a control switch. Louvres on the front and sides, with a grill on the bottom of the assembly allow for natural convection cooling during normal operation and when the Anti Condensation Heaters are operating.

Finally, electrical connections to and from the CU11605 are made on rail mounted terminals inside.  An M10 external earth stud is also available adjacent to the gland plate. Earth terminals are also on the terminal rail.

Features of Fire Door Rectifier CU11605 Include:

  • Mild steel folded and welded to create this unit’s enclosure. Deck mounted with top steadies. Lifting eyes.
  • Dimensions: 796 x 480 x 265
  • Weight: 60kg
  • IP23 Ingress Protection Level
  • Naturally cooled via louvers
  • Low fire hazard
  • M10 external earth stud provided
  • Meets the vibration requirements of DGS 350
  • Withstands ship motion due to sea action, weather, accelerations and velocities from deliberate ship manoeuvres.

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