iMonnit Express Standalone Software

The iMonnit Express Standalone Software is a standalone PC application for configuring & managing Monnit Wireless sensors. Ideally used on smaller networks from 10-100 sensors. Express is cost effective system.

Firstly, iMonnit Express Standalone software that is a secure standalone PC Application. Without the need for an Internet connection.

It is ideal for IoT customers who require up to date sensor readings down to the second. It has been redesigned to present a faster, user friendly experience for those smaller sensor networks. The dashboard is accessible from any mobile device and PC including Mac and Linux.

The latest version supports up to 100 wireless sensors. It is capable of sending notifications via e-mail when sensor thresholds have been met or exceeded.

It is best to check out the comparison on the Monnit Page. Check whether this version is right for your requirements. Cloud and On-Premise Remote Monitoring Software Comparison (

Sensor compatibility is constantly being updated. Check whether your sensors are suitable. Monnit Software and Device Compatibility

In order to use your wireless gateway and sensors with the iMonnit Express software, the gateway will need to be unlocked to allow for programming it to your computers IP Address Monnit Wireless Gateway Unlock | Easy Remote Monitoring

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