iMonnit HX

iMonnit HX is optional for iMonnit Premiere annual subscribers. It enables wireless sensors to report once/minute. Ideal for monitoring vulnerable substances eg. Vaccines and crucial equipment.

iMonnit HX credits are available in pre paid packs of 250K, 1.3M or 5.5M credits.

Firstly with the iMonnit HX feature enabled, users still have the same feature set as the iMonnit Premiere license with the ability to configure heartbeats from 1-9 minutes. Credits are purchased in bundles. Where as iMonnit Premier is an annual license fee based on the number of sensors being monitored on an account.

An iMonnit HX credit is equal to one heartbeat or one data message. Once credits are live. You may select which sensors require more monitoring. It can be done to all or only to a few. A credit is consumed when a sensor data message occurs that is set between 1 and 9 minutes.

Features Include:

  • User selectable, per-sensor, heartbeat interval from 1–9 minutes
  • Compatible with all of Monnit’s 80+ wireless sensor types
  • Configurable alerts to notify users when credits are low
  • Per-sensor selection function — designate which sensor(s) within a multi-sensor network need quicker heartbeats
  • Easy-to-use online calculator for determining the best pre-paid tier for a sensor network
  • Credits conveniently available for purchase in the iMonnit portal


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