The Lumistar LS-71P PCI D/A Converter (DAC) board provides high speed analog outputs of PCM decommutated data allowing real time data displays using strip chart recorders or similar devices. The LS-71-P board is perfect for use in conjunction with the Lumistar LS-50- P Multifunction PCM Decommutator boards.  This is because it it uses an over the top communication bus directly from the decom to the DAC.  As a result, this avoids glitches in the analog outputs caused by PCI bus activity. Direct “mailbox” type access is also provided to allow the user to send information through the PCI bus to the DACs. The DAC board design allows users to combine 2 LS-50-D Multifunction decom boards with a single DAC board.  As a result, data from either data stream can direct to any DAC channel.

LS-71-DAC Features:

The Lumistar LS-71-DAC comes with the following features:

  • PCI Bus Compatible D/A Converter board
  • Use with Lumistar LS-50/55 Multifunction Decoms
  • LS-71-P16 (16 Channel) and LS-71-P32 (32 Channel) versions available
  • Accepts one or two input data streams (four streams with daughterboard option)
  • Allows any DAC channel to be selected from any Decom
  • ]Global software control of channel gain and offset
  • Look-up tables provide for individual gain/offset, and polynomial conversions
  • Software includes powerful math engine
  • \Software controlled calibration
  • Dedicated High Speed Data Bus (over-the-top) from Decom boards or Direct Processor Write through PCI Bus
  • 2 M word/sec for EU converted data selector throughput

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LS-71-DAC Data Sheet