Telemetry Data Software

The Lumistar LDPS and LDPS-PRO is a Telemetry Data Software.  This software is designed to display real time flight test operations in a Windows based environment.  It’s software architecture also uses the popular Server/Client approach.  This means the Server provides the appropriate interface to the hardware products, 100% data frame dump and 100% data archiving.  Meanwhile, the Client provides local or networked display capability and selected data archiving. This server package is designed to interface with all Lumistar products including Telemetry Receivers, Diversity Combiners, Bit Synchronizers, PCM Multifunction Decommutators, and D/A Converters.

Lumistar’s Telemetry Data Software

Lumistar’s Telemetry Data Software comes with the following features:

  • Windows XP and 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) compatible software to process, display, and archive real-time telemetry data.
  • Supports up to 8 data streams
  • Supports all Lumistar Products
  • Server/Client Architecture with raw data broadcast to the client for processing and display.
  • Distributed Processing with math engine on the clients – not the server.
  • Event Driven Processing – Processes Data of interest as received.
  • Double Precision Numbers used for calculations and display.
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface allows setup of Receivers, PCM Simulator/BERT, PCM Decommutator, Bit Synchronizer, Time Code Reader, Time Code Generator, Oscilloscope/Spectral Display, and D/A Converter.
  • Automatic PCI Hardware Recognition
  • Real Time 100% Data Archive with variable rate playback (up to 10x live rate). Playback can search on time or run number
  • Complete Frame Dumps in Binary, Hex, Decimal and Octal are available on the Server and all Clients.
  • Display Widget Types – LDPS: easily configurable Alpha Numeric, ASCII Text, Time, Scroll Stack, Altimeter, HSI, Artificial Horizon, Climb, Odometer, 7 Segment, dual channel XY, Strip Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Angular Gauge, Linear Gauge, Enunciator Panel, LED, User Draw, Spread Sheet, Stop Watch, Special Device Widgets (like the Oscilloscope/Spectral Display, decom status lights).
  • Dynamic Display Editing – edits live displays. Cut/Paste of Widgets (using clipboard) is allowed across display pages. Snap to grid for aligning widgets.
  • EU Conversion allows data display in RAW, mX+B, formula, or function on an individual parameter basis
  • Triggers are checked at process time, not at display time
  • Trigger enable on less than, equal to, greater than, in-range, or out-of-range

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