Miniature Load Column Load Cell – LCA310

The LCA310 is a column load cell and is ideal for high-capacity applications in tight spaces (diameter of 3.18cm).

Manufactured from 17-4 PH Stainless Steel for measurements between 6803kg to 13608Kg with raised surface radius to lower the possibility off centre loading and designed to measure loads in compression. Such as single or multi weighing installations; including tanks, bins, hoppers, silos and weigh bridges and hydraulic/pneumatic press force.

The FUTEK LCA310 Series is a miniature load column cell. Firstly, it is ideal for high-capacity applications and is a great selection for tight spaces with a profile height of 2.87 cm and diameter of 3.18 cm. Like the entire FUTEK Load Cell product line, it uses metal foil strain gauge technology and most models feature RoHS. The use of Strain Relief provides great protection from the pull of the cable.  For further information, contact us

Other outstanding features include:

  • Lightweight and highly accurate
  • Compression Applications
  • Low profile
  • Fast Response time and superior natural frequency
  • Metal foil strain gauge technology & RoHS Overload Protection


LCA310 Load Column Load Cell

ItemLoad CapacityOuter Diametre in cm.Height in cm.Length in cm.Width in cm.Connection TypesFeatures
FSH0443166723.3N3.18 cm2.87 cm3.18 cm3.18 cmCableRoHS
FSH04432133447 N3.18 cm2.87 cm3.18 cm3.18 cmCableRoHS
QSH01402133447 N3.18 cm2.87 cm3.18 cm3.18 cmCable


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