Miniature Rotary Torque Sensor QTA163

The QTA163 is a custom built, miniature rotary torque sensor. Due to its incredible small size it provides torque measurements in applications that previously weren’t possible.

Applications include: surgical robots, dentist drills, precision machinery and assembly operations, directional control units in cube satellites, machining of composites, rheometers in pharmaceutical and chemical plants, prosthetic controls and drones and UAVs.

The FUTEK QTA163 is a miniature rotary torque sensor.  It is FUTEK’s smallest rotary torque sensor offered.  Firstly, it has 17mm x 17mm cross section.  Along with a 53mm length.  Amazingly, the 5mm shaft can accurately measure torque up to 150 rpm.  Manufactured from 17-4 hardened stainless steel providing strength, hardness and corrosion resistance over a wide temperature range.

With this super small footprint, it enables integration into systems and devices where space is at a premium.  Therefore, the smaller cross section allows multiple sensors in an array within narrow space.  Compared to those stacking larger torque sensors.

Secondly, the QTA163 contains a custom built slip ring inside.  This allows the electrical signal to transfer from a rotating component to the stationary stator (outside the housing).  Due to FUTEK’s high precision machining of the components, this ultimately provides accurate reading and reliability.

A standard 7 pin connector enables data transfer to external electronics for readout and control.

Thirdly, another feature which sets FUTEK’s Sensor solutions apart from the rest.  Is the integration of the TEDs chip as a standard feature.  The TEDs chip contains information about the sensor, amplifier, sensitivity and reference excitation range.  Providing auto-scaling, reducing errors and enables simple plug and play compatibility.

Finally, FUTEK can reduce your set up time. By Factory calibrating your sensor of choice with an amplifier.

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Features of Miniature Rotary Torque Sensor QTA163 includes:

  • Custom Built
  • Miniature Rotary Torque Sensor
  • 5mm Shaft
  • Measure torque up to 150 rpm
  • Inbuilt custom slip ring
  • TEDS Chip


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