Monnit Accessories

Monnit has a range of accessories available for their Wireless Sensor & Gateway products. These include: NIST Certification, facility accessories, enterprise applications, configuration tools, gateway accessories, PoE splitters & adaptors, temperature buffers, water rope extensions, replacement sensor probes & batteries.

Portfolio of Monnit Accessories.

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nist certfication

NIST Certifications


Monnit’s NIST Certified Sensors provide precision data to ensure safety or performance.


Get a 25 month NIST Certification for temperature sensors, a 13 month NIS cert for low temperature sensor or a 7 month cert for humidity sensors.


NIST recertification is also available


accessories facilities

Facility Accessories


The remote facility monitoring accessories use wireless sensor data to turn devices such as fans on and off based on user limits.


Choose from 10A and 30A Wireless Control modules or the Wireless thermostat that adjusts HVAC based on occupancy states.


enterprise appliance full system

IMonnit Enterprise Appliance

On-prem wireless sensor management made easy.  This PC is optimised and preloaded to set up, configure and manage Monnit Wireless Sensor networks.


Ideal for large organisation or those in regulated Industries that must keep data in house.


configuration cable

Configuration Tools


Monnit’s Sensor Cable and Serial Modbus USB Programmer Accessories support set up.  The cable links Monnit MoWi Wireless sensors to a PC for configuration. The USB programmer connects Monnit’s Serial Gateway to a PC for networking, parameter setting and testing.


gateway unlock

Gateway Accessories


The booster improves the reliability of mobile data signals for reduced resend and greater data transfer.  The gateway unlock enables users to point a Monnit Wireless Gateway to a custom host or IP address whilst still accessing iMonnit Sensor Software.


power over ethernet

PoE Splitters & Power Adaptors


Monnit’s Power over Ethernet or PoE splitters and power adaptors help connect and expand your Internet of Things (IoT)  networking using PoE technology.  Use our PoE Power Adaptors with Monnit PoE X Sensors and Splitters for non PoE Monnit Ethernet Gateways.



Temperature Buffers


Glycol and Glass bead temperature buffers help protect temperature data accuracy.  Both insulate temperature sensor leads, offsetting temperature swings (or false alarms) caused by routine defrosting or heavy traffic.  Buffers are commonly used in cold storage and scientific settings.


water rope extension

Water Detection Sensor Accessories


Snap together 3.04 Metre Water rope extensions to monitor up to 30.40 Metre graft a water detect wire end onto a monnit wireless detection sensor to get wall or surface mountable leave or level detection.



Replacement Sensor Probes


Monnit’s ALTA food probe ships with a standard curved probe and re-ordering is simple.  There is also a more ergonomic T-handle probe with a slightly lower range of -40° to 246°C vs Curve probe -50° to 260°C.



Replacement Sensor Batteries


Monnit offers replacement coin cell, AA and lithium AA batteries.



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