Monnit Mine Software

Monnit Mine is an open platform that integrates Monnit Wireless Sensors and Gateways into your software system. Mine unlocks devices, directs them to a custom host or IP address and translates them for your software applications.

Firstly, Monnit Mine Software is an open platform. Two Licenses can be purchased.

1. Monnit Standard License

This version cannot be distributed or resold. It cannot be used with devices or software not controlled and owned by the purchasing company.

2. Monnit Reseller License

Mine API can be redistributed as part of your software package. Multiple instances of software is allowed.

You can download the Monnit Mine Software now to test and develop with. Then purchase the reseller license once it is ready to install.

Click on this link to take you to the Software page.


Finally, for more information, contact us.


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